What is PIN4ETSY? Should I sign up? How will it benefit My ETSY Shop?

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In this post, I am going to do my very best to squash all of the rumors and clear up any questions you may still have about the new Pin4Etsy Beta. After you are finished reading, you should have a clear picture of what the program is and whether or not you want to invest the time to grow your business to the next level using this tool. If so, and you haven't yet signed up, you can do so here Pin4Etsy.

Let's start with the fact that the advertisements all said that you can sell your Etsy items Right from Pinterest. Am I the only one that expected a Price and Link through like some other sites offer? I was a bit surprised when I actually entered the beta and that is NOT what I discovered. I apologize to anyone whom I may have sent out a request to join stating that they might be getting themselves into that. What Pin4Etsy actually is...
 A Pin Exchange
You post the Pin that you would like others to Repin
You Repin the item as many times as you would like your item Repinned, up to 30 at a time, you can always come back and add more later
Others Repin the items you have listed

Now, if you have a large shop and a lot of items, the initial set up can be daunting, it will take some time to set up all of your items and earn enough repins on all of them. Yet, once you are completely set up, signing in daily to "re-up" your pins really doesn't take much time at all. I, however, would suggest making use of a bored teenager or friend if you have one. That is time that can be spent elsewhere if possible. 

Why should you do this? No matter how great your SEO is, getting your items into Google Images is ridiculously hard. You have competitors that are already selling world wide and have a huge audience. The easiest way to do so, Pinterest Repins. The more that you get, the easier it is to get your items into Google Images. Not only will your items be seen on Pinterest more often, but also when someone searches in Google Images for an item in your niche. It is truly a win win. 

Have you signed up yet? Pin4Etsy
Please understand that there is a waiting list. They are in their Beta phase and trying the program out on a few people at a time. Once signed up, you will be put on a wait list. They full program will be released in 143 days, according to the clock. But, there are ways to get in quicker. Once you have signed up, they will send you a link with a personal referral code, this code allows you to invite others. Invite your friends to sign up, fellow shop owners, team mates, Pinterest contacts, blog readers, facebook fans, whomever. Once you have signed up 25 new members under your link, you are in the beta. That simple..

Making the Most of Pin4Etsy...
I have noticed that most of the shop owners in the Beta are creating a particular board and naming it "Pin4Etsy" to repin to. In my opinion, this is a BAD IDEA. The point of all this work is to make your pins and the other shop owners pins appear to everyone who is not an Etsy shop owner as organic repins. In order to do that, you cannot place them into a board that clearly labels them as "bought" repins. If you want to make a specific board to repin to, I suggest you create a group board and make it an Etsy board while you are at it. 

If you have been around Pinterest for a minute, you know that the Etsy Group Boards are a huge hit.  Well, I happen to have a very popular one All Things Etsy. I also belong to quite a few of the largest ones on Pinterest. I am going to share with you what I did to make it that way and suggest that you do the same. The benefits??? In order to pin to my board, shop owners come to my shop and ask for an invite. What do you think they do while they are there? They fave or follow my shop, or both. Sometimes, they even browse and fave some items. It is a big win for me all the way around. Why not create this extra traffic for yourself with just a little bit of work on the front end? Here is all you have to do..

Come up with a Catchy Title.. It must include Etsy, but make it unique, PLEASE.. I am tired of the same repeats.. Make a cool graphic using Canva and make it your cover. Make it a group board where those contributing can also invite other contributors. Clearly state your mission and requirements. I personally do not police my board, I don't have time. The only requirement I have is that the members only post Etsy items. I check it periodically to make sure that is happening. And honestly, in 3 plus years, I have had little to no problems. If you only add shop owners, you won't either. It is obnoxious to get a message from someone saying that I posted more than two items today to their board, don't do that crap. You want your board busy, you want it to grow fast. Encourage posting. If you want to limit the amount per day, make it reasonable. Some of us use an auto poster and sometimes it doesn't work properly. If it messes up, I don't want to hear my catholic school teacher reprimanding me, I am an adult. I was actually blocked from one board because I shared the wrong "content" to the board. It was actually my auto-poster that did it. The busier you get, the more you will try out tools to help you, those tools aren't always efficient. But, you have to try them and see if they will work for you. Look at this board from the eyes of those pinning to it. Don't be the police... Make it fun and inviting...

Now, once your board is up and running, you have invited everyone you already know, you want to find new followers and pinners. This is the fun part. Once you are in the Beta, this will be easy enough, you will pin your repins to this board. Don't wait for that. Start immediately pinning any beautiful Etsy shop item that you see on Pinterest to your board. You will be amazed at how many of them will follow it. Just keep it up and you will quickly see it growing. I also suggest joining the Team Pin4Etsy Board and repinning some of those items to your own. My logic here is that anyone waiting for the Beta to open up to them is paying close attention to Pinterest at this point. You will gain numerous followers from there as well. 

If you have anything to add or questions, please feel free to comment below.. I would love to hear your experiences..

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$50 TO THE AUGUST TRAMP OF THE MONTH - How Do You Get In On This One???

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But what is that???

I know.. Something new, but doesn't it sound exciting?

For a while now, I have been trying to figure out a way to show my amazing fans and supporters just how much I appreciate them. And let me just say, I have some amazing supporters. I do my very best to say thank you, which I cannot always get there in time to do, and it just doesn't seem like enough. I have been wracking my brain, trying to figure out what I can do to show them just exactly how much I appreciate all they do. I can be asleep, and my items are still being shared. I can be in the bathtub, shared. On the toilet, shared. I am so incredibly lucky and I want everyone that makes that possible to know just how much it means to me. For many months now, every single time I open up my twitter account, I see the same face. This picture is there on my retweets every single day, no matter what. 

So, it is no wonder that I would choose Mandi Jackson from 3 Lemons Co as my very first TRAMP OF THE MONTH.

Mandi will receive a $50 gift certificate to Trampleedesigns to spend as she likes.

Now, I want you guys to take the time to support Mandi, stop by 3 Lemons Co on Etsy and on Twitter, you cannot find a better supporter. Follow and Fave her items, re tweet her and add her to your lists, you won't regret it..

Every single month, on or around (tee hee) the first of the month, We will be picking one person that really stands out that month. That goes that extra mile and has really made an effort in helping us grow. If you don't get picked that month, please do not thing it is because we did not notice, we notice and we appreciate each and every one of you, we will get to you. I will continue doing this until I get to all of you. I want all of our fans and supporters to know that this would not be possible, we would not be possible with you. I just love you guys..

 Use the hashtag #iamatramp when possible.

I am going to start in the next few weeks also doing GIVEAWAYS on the blog, so stay posted. Just trying to get it all organized. 

Keep Calm and Love On...

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