You're Fooling Yourself, If You Don't Believe It...

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A few months ago, my Dr. told me that I had to do something to eliminate the stress in my life. That my blood work and lab results were showing signs, dangerous signs that my stress was impacting my body. Well, of course it is. What do you want me to do, quit living? I have people to take care of. I have people who depend on me. As the weeks rolled on, the tests got even worse. He began to stress to me that he wasn't joking, and suggested, on top of different courses of medical and natural treatments, I take a Mindful Meditation Class. 

The first night of this class, I sat in a room full of women, there was one gentleman, he kind of counted, but he was the instructors husband, so not really, none of which I knew. As we went around the room and introduced ourselves and told why we were there, I discovered something strange. Many, well most, of them were there because they had a chronic illness that had been brought on by stress. Cancer, some of them terminal, Adrenal Failure, Brain Aneurysm. Things that were really scary to me. As each of them told their story, I began to realize that I had been placed in that room by a force much greater than myself. I needed to listen to what I was being told. I had to make some changes.

I went home and made my best but failed attempt to discuss this with those in my current living situation. Ultimately, I ended up moving. That story isn't one that I will be sharing. But, let me say that the move is one for the better. My stress level will be much lower, my life will be much happier and my business will thrive. I just found a new house this week, a rental, but, it is adorable. A perfect location for the Trampleedesigns Headquarters to be located. I am super excited to move in and get it decorated. I will be taking video and blogging the entire process. Asking for ideas, tips and decorating help from all of my followers and friends online. So, you guys get ready to help. Next Chapter... 

I want to discuss YOUR stress... and how it is affecting you.. How often do you devote all of your time to making sure that everyone else has everything they need and completely forget about yourself? If you are anything like me, even when you go shopping for yourself, you are looking for an outfit for your daughter or your friend. When you are getting your nails done, you are on the phone doing business or answering emails. That is NOT taking care of yourself. You have to set out a block of time to completely unplug. To get off your phone, offline, away from your mate, away from your kids and relax. 

A few months ago, I had someone ask to borrow my Sea Salt, they then took it into the bathroom. I thought to myself, "Self, I will not be using that to cook with anymore". When I asked what they wanted it for the reply was "I am cleansing my soul". For some reason, that stuck with me. Of course they were using it as a body scrub. I generally use a scrub on my face each time I shower, and a body scrub occasionally. But, the next time I showered, I made up a special blend with some things I had around the house. You can use all kinds of things. I took the time to wash and condition my hair and while the conditioner sat, I turned the water off and scrubbed every inch of myself gently. Taking the time to breathe in deeply. Belly breathe, like they teach in my Mindful Meditation Class. The instructor taught us that women, more so than men, don't breathe properly from their bellies. They shallow breathe. Proper breathing should have you breathing in for 4 seconds, holding it for 7 seconds, and out for 8 seconds when you are trying to relax or meditate. I was not aware that I had been doing it wrong for so long. She also taught us that you can expel 80% of the bodies toxins JUST by breathing properly. 80%, that is crazy. All of the detox stuff we take and drink and sweat trying to cleanse ourselves, and all we have to do is breathe the right way? Shoot, I would much rather sit still and breathe.

I challenge you to take the the time at least twice a week, more if possible, to lock your bathroom door and really enjoy a good scrub. You will revitalize your body and your spirit. You do not have to spend a bunch of money on buying some fancy chemical based product to do it with. You have ingredients right in your cabinets at home. I have created a special board on Pinterest with scrubs for everything you could imagine. No matter what your skin type or condition, you will find a great scrub for you there to make and use. I promise you that if you try it, you will thank me.

Just in case you really don't have the time or the desire to make your own scrubs or natural products, I do happen to have some friends that make the most amazing stuff out there. All pure, all natural.. Landborne is available for purchase online...  Drop me a line, let me know how you like the scrubs that  you try out, which ones work best for you. No matter how you do it. Do it. Take Care of Yourself.

When you find the time, stop by and see what Trampleedesigns has in the Shop this week. Keep an eye out for the new posts about my new house... Have a wonderful week..