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What's your name and where do you live?
My name is Danijela Milica Jujic. I am from Serbia. Beautiful country in Europe with long and rich history.

What is it that you do? How would you describe your work?
I consider myself being a freelance creative artist. Before all I’m a mother of two children. A housewife who left her job because unexpected illness. Which is why I have dedicated to my health and family .By day I’m a housewife, by night I forget everything and I make jewelry. Since I am not a person who can live and does nothing by accident I came up with the idea to make jewelry. I’ve started to do this tree years ago. I was visiting my dad in his workshop, and my dad is an electric engineer, and I’ve started to play with wire that was laying around on the floor and I made my first piece by accident, and it was a ring. So an idea of making jewelry started so I picked up pieces of used wire in my father’s workshop, took it home cleaned it and started to make jewelry. In half a year time I had so much jewelry that my friends talk me into trying to selling it. And so I did… It became my passion, my way of expression… I am completely self-taught. Still learning and exploring new techniques and styles. There is so much left to learn!! All of my designs have been concocted in my mind and sculpted in wire. Everything I make is made with dedication and love. Every jewel are handmade and unique. My favorite technique is wire wrapping. Why? Sincerely I don’t know why, I guess it was love at first sight. Maybe it is because with the wire you can create any shape, there are numerous possibilities. I like other techniques like metalsmith, metal etching and so on…But this one is my favorite. I find inspiration in fairy tales, nature and sometimes I even dream about jewelry which I make afterwards. I am a big fan or sub real things as a way in art and photography. Mostly, that is my inspiration so far. I also paint and draw too. Making jewelry makes me relaxed, it is like a meditation, my own world.

Where can we find you and your work?
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What led you to become a selling artist? 
People around me, my friends and my family have made me start to sell your jewelry. They gave me the courage to show the world my skills and my ability to turn my imagination into wearable art. I am grateful that I have them in my life!

Who or what inspires you when you feel like giving up? I am happy to have ability to create...and by some miracle everything I imagined somehow I manage to do. I am very stubbornness and persistent. :) But I yes I had moment when I felt like giving up but again my children and my family inspired me to remain persistent. I teach my children to follow their dreams and that nothing is impossible if you want it enough. Invest a lot of love in your dreams, be persistent and your dreams will become reality! Beside them I have no right to give up! How much time do you spend on your creative business on a weekly basis? It is hard to say how much time I spend on my business on weekly basis. I am working every day about three or four hours, sometimes much more. I am trying to work more but all deepens of the day. Beside that daily I spend about an hour on sites where I advertise my work. I need one more day in a day! ☺))

What is the number one piece of advice you would give someone that is just starting out?
My advice to people who just starting is to find their own way and their own style, not to strive to be someone’s excellent copy. I admire anyone who is able to create something out of his hands and by using his imagination. Everything borne from passion is admirable! And people feel that! I would definitely recommend them not to give up if this is truly the thing they love. What has been the hardest thing about selling your items online? The hardest thing about selling my items online was the moment when I opened my store. I was scared! I was scared to show my art to the world. And sometimes even now it is difficult to separate from some pieces. All my pieces have part of me…Part of my day, my thoughts part of my dreams. But that fear disappear when I get from my customers positive feedback and when in their words I feel love. Then I am happy and then I get more motivation to work and to create! That people are my inspiration!

What resource or tool have you found that has helped you the most on your journey to success? My journey to success helped the most people who already had Etsy store. They all was kind to me and had the patience to explain everything that interested me. I am doing that too now! Helping others.

What has been your single greatest moment in regard to your business?
My first sale was my greatest moment. My first customer was so thrilled and full of praise for my work that I was floating in the clouds all day ☺))That customer became my regular customer and we became friends. What is the one thing that has brought your business the most traffic/sales and in what way did you utilize it to make it do so? Thing that brought the most sales to me is my activity on internet. My profile on Pinterest, Instagram and other social network where I establish contacts with people who follow my work. That is very important! Beside that I am active on more than one community on Etsy where I play games ☺

What goals have you set for your business over the next couple of years? 
My very long term dream is to have my own studio and to be a real full-time artist. I would like to people recognize my work in future. My biggest goal is to make happy people who by jewelry from me. There is no bigger satisfaction than that.

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