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Making the MOST of Twitter for Your Small Business

Ok, here we go. I keep getting asked why I am creating lists, what is the purpose and how Twitter works. I am going to try and explain it as easily and simply as possible and then give you the low maintenance way to grow your Twitter Business Account super fast with minimal work.

First of all, I am guessing that you have the basics of Twitter down, tweeting, hashtags, retweeting and so on, if not, there is couple of great free courses over at Udemy that you can take that will give you the fundamentals. I strongly suggest that before you dig into this, you learn those things and feel comfortable with them. This will be too confusing otherwise.

Twitter allows you to create up to 1000 lists with each account and each list may contain up to 5000 users. The purpose of these lists, from their point of view, I am just guessing, is this: Say you have a group, who knows, a team on Etsy and you want to be able to retweet all of the members,  you add each member to a specific list and name it “Etsy Team xyz”. Then, when you sign into Twitter, you can easily access that list and retweet or view all of the tweets that have been posted by those people.




Tweet impressions


Profile visits




New followers

We are going to take the use of lists to the next level. To grow your following and really maximize your exposure. With very little work on your part. The proof is in the numbers. I spend maybe 2 minutes on Twitter a day. It took me 3+ years of every day networking, retweeting and sharing to get 4000 followers. I have 7500+ in two months. This really works if you set it up properly.

First, you have to get an IFTTT (If This the That) account.  Then you do a little research on Google and find out the most popular hashtags for your target audience. I personally want people who are in/interested in the handmade marketplace/etsy to share, view and follow my account. How do I lure them in?

  1. Create Twitter Lists: Using IFTTT, create multiple lists using hashtags from your niche. Target those that you would like to see or share your items.
  2. Create Auto Retweets: Using those same hashtags as you did for your lists, create auto retweets. Those you retweet, will oftentimes retweet you.
  3. Create Auto Thank You for Mentions, Retweets and Follows
  4. Create Auto Follow Back: If someone follows your business because they like your items, follow them back. What you have been told about having more followers than you are following is crap in small business. People want to know that they matter. Show them that they do.
  5. Visit your page once each day to answer any questions and give responses to anything that was missed. This process does not negate you from going on twitter, just saves you a ton of time. You still have to engage and respond when someone says thank you or speaks to you. That really goes a long way. There will be a whole lot more of that with this process.

 Once you sign in to IFTTT, you can search for recipes that have been created by others already. If you search, “twitter list” or “twitter hashtag”, you should find a few that you will only have to change the particular hashtag that you want to create a list from. Same with the retweets, if you type in search, “twitter retweets” you can find one that says retweet a particular hashtag. Or, you can branch out on your own and create a brand new one if you find that easier. IFTTT is quite simple. You just click on the THIS and select your channel, which is Twitter - it will give you a list of options, click what you want it to do. In this instance, if someone tweets a particular hashtag. You then click THAT and select your channel which is also Twitter. Create a List, or Send a Tweet, whichever of the two you are doing and it will give you the place to enter the hashtag. Click done and that is it…

Once you get the basics of IFTTT down and figure out all that it can do for you, you will be using it for everything. And the very coolest part, it is FREE…. I have it doing so many things that it is crazy. Just be careful because you don’t want it doing things three and four times. That is really easy to do with this program. You don’t want your followers to see the same post in your FB feed 5 times because you made your Twitter auto post to FB and your Instagram auto post to Twitter and your FB auto post to Tumblr and your Tumblr auto post to Twitter. You get the picture.

This all might sound really confusing in print, it really isn’t. IFTTT is a very simple program. Trust me, just go in and try it out. You will get the hang of it in no time at all. If you  have any questions, just let me know. Twitter has become a huge source of traffic for me. I cannot necessarily link it back to conversions, but traffic for sure. I would love to hear about your results and how you are using IFTTT for your business. What ways have you found to grow your Twitter account? Drop me a line and let me know.

If you enjoyed this post, please take the time to leave a comment. If you hated it, or think it sucks, let me know that too. I would love to hear what you think. Hope everyone is having a great week.

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Great post very informative

Tammie said...

Thanks so much Tasha. I was just playing around with IFTTT one day and realized that I was getting a ton of attention by creating lists. The more you create, the more traffic you draw. You do have to keep up with your lists getting full. I check mine about once a month or so. Then I add new ones, or even use the same hashtags again if they were successful ones. For me, there are always new people using the hashtag #etsyfinds. It will only add a person to a particular list one time. Then it finds 4999 others to add. Each one of them usually ends up interacting with you in some way, either to thank you, or follow you, or look at your profile. As long as I have plenty of pics and links on my page, I am golden.