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Addendum: I have come across some really cool ways to make the most of Google Adwords. I will share them in another post soon. 

When first starting on Etsy, it is very easy to believe that you can follow their listing template, enter your item and bam, suddenly your item will list and sell. WRONG. That magic absolutely does not happen. There is a very specific process to getting your listing to not only show up where you want it to in search on Etsy and to show up when people search for your type of item on Google, or another search engine. This process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you don't really know what that means, don't feel bad, I didn't have a clue when I started either. If you haven't had an online store, or worked online before, their is really no reason for you to have known this. Now that you are going to, it is a very important part of getting your item out in front of people. Having your listing properly Optimized will give you the edge and allow your listing to rank higher in search. I am going to first of all provide you with the tools to learn EXACTLY what SEO is, and how you can use it to bring customers to you.

The very first thing that I recommend, and the absolute best tool that I have found is MOZ. Scroll down to the video section labeled SEO, start at video 1 and work your way through them. They break down the SEO process better than anyone else that I have found. This will give you the basic understanding that you need to work with in order to create your listings.

The second thing that I suggest, Debbie over at has an amazing free guide called The Anatomy of an Etsy Listing. This guide breaks down each and every part of the listing process, from how to write your title, description and keywords to pricing. I found it to be incredibly helpful.

Now, the last thing, and an absolute must, I just recently found something that changed my life and my SEO forever. I think probably all shop owners struggle a bit with getting their keywords and titles just right. Every time I list a new type of item, I have the hardest time finding just the right words to make it appear where I would like it to. That is where the Etsy SEO Tips for Greater Etsy Success and Aaron Esteban came in. I ran into Aaron in a Facebook Group and he was offering to do free keyword searches for shops having issues, Before the night was over, he had a huge list back to me of keywords that I had never thought of before. Within a day, I was getting hits in my shop like I have not seen in almost 4 years of business. I have not paid Aaron anything and he has not paid me anything. I mentioned that I would be saying something about what he did for me on my blog and he asked that I tell people he was doing free keyword searches. So, if you are having issues getting your items to show up and struggling with keywords, find Aaron Esteban. The first link is for his Youtube and the second his Facebook page. I highly recommend using his program and his work.

I have to be honest, I wrote this and then found something amazing. I am so happy that I did not post it right away. I took the time to test out what I found. And boy oh boy does it work. I am going to share it all with you. This information was provided by, because it is working so well for me, and I mean, it worked immediately after making these changes, I suggest you sign up for her emails and  follow her resources. See what other information she might have to offer.

Etsy Listing SEO Checklist:
1. Create a catchy title with your main keyword phrase at the
beginning, plus at the beginning of your description and about 3
or 4 times throughout. Write your main keyword at the very
bottom of your listing.
2. Use all 5 image spaces. Etsy uses your title as H1 and Image
Tags, so take every opportunity you can!
3. Category Names must be keywords!
4. Put links to all your categories in every single listing, as well as
on your Policies page and Shop Announcement profile.
5. Link to your Testimonials page in every listing.
6. Main keyword should be first in your tags, use ALL 13 tags! Plus,
under the Materials section are 13 more chances for more tags
(even double some up).

With these things completed, you should be ready to enter your items into your shop. Spread out your listings. Put them in at different times throughout the day and night so that you can get more views. If your Social Media accounts are linked, as we discussed in a prior post, you can automatically share them on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook right after publishing the listing. 

In my next post, we will discuss other platforms to promote your Etsy items. Places that will drive traffic to your shop with minimal effort on your part.

Web.Search.Social Podcast is a must hear for anyone doing business online. If you need help marketing online, figuring out your target audience, creating goals for your business or just getting your head in the game, this is the place to go. I never miss an episode. 

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