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My goal here is to provide you with the resources you need to get the best shots possible for your particular products. To guide you to where you need to go to learn how to use your equipment properly to obtain the right effects in the least expensive way possible, and to keep you from having to retake your photos a dozen times.

One of the biggest mistakes that New Shop Owners make is their photos. You have a range of people, from those who put no effort whatsoever and snap a photo with their phone, upload it, post it and believe it should sell, to those that use an app to completely white out the background and make the product look all washed out. Your goal is to provide the most accurate portrayal of your item. You want the shopper to see the true color of your item. This is not difficult, but it does take practice. Depending on your particular equipment and product, you will first have to do a bit of research. I am providing you will clickable links throughout that will lead you to pages on Pinterest and Youtube that are filled with all the information that you could possibly need. 

I would suggest that you once again go to craftcount, find a couple of shops in your niche that are presenting their items in a way that you find pleasing. Is the white background your favorite? Would your items looks better with a colored background? Be careful with a colored background, it is easy to make your item disappear.  Do you live in an area where using Natural Light is possible? Some people get a lot of overcast and rain and it just makes more sense to have an indoor studio set up. Do you have someone on hand that is willing to model? Using a live model is wonderful, just make sure that this person is not going to be one that loves it at first and will hate it in a month. About a month in, you will figure out how to get great shots and they will be tired of you telling them which way to stand or move.

Whether you have chosen natural light or to use an indoor studio, you have to prepare a background, or a number of them. Something that you can have on hand. Small items do really well in a light box, which can be constructed for pennies. Now that you know where you are taking your photos, lets discuss your lighting. If you can afford it, you can find lighting gear that will completely meet your needs on Amazon. It comes in kits plenty large enough for any products you could be selling. This is the least expensive way that I could find. I personally have set up a photo "table" with hanging backdrops that move out of my way on a curtain rod. This makes it very easy to change them out when I need to. My lights stay set up in the corner around the table. 

I know that everyone is going to have a different camera. You don't have to go and buy some fancy new camera, or even some great editing software to have great photos that pop. Learning to use what you have is usually all you need. For pretty much every camera that is out there, there is someone online, usually on YouTube, teaching you for free how to use it manually. Instead of hitting the Auto button, like we are used to, you have to take the time to learn all of your functions. Find the tutorials for YOUR camera. Learn how to shoot in macro. Learn about your F stop and aperture. You can even do these things on the new phones that are out, and take amazing photos with them. 

There are a dozen great photo editing programs out there, everyone has a favorite. If you do, great, use it. I played around with all of them. For me, I determined that once my photos were taken in proper lighting, a little tweak with my Windows editor to crop the picture and maybe brighten it slightly or add a little contrast is all I need. Whenever I use a fancy photo editor, I lose the truness of my color. It is very important to me that I present the real color of my fabric in my photos.

Once you have taken your photos, make sure that you name the first photo before listing it. Google grabs the photos from your shop  and uses it for search images, if it is named td345, where do you think it will pop up? You can also add keywords to your photos. I know that this seems time consuming and tedious. But, do you want your photos to pop up when someone types what it is into Google? I always add my shop as the Author as well. 

The Etsy Sellers Handbook has some great articles on Picture taking from shop owners and retailers alike that might interest you. 

There is always room to grow, if you make a mistake, you can always redo it. Lord knows, I have changed mine and will probably learn something new tomorrow. In the next post I will be discussing ETSY SEO and Listings. I will provide you with free resources to learn everything you need to know to get your items to pop up in Etsy Search and in Google. I didn't say this would be easy..

 If you have some amazing advice that you would like to share, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

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