Do You REALLY Have To Be So Fake?

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The Pitfalls of Life, Working from Home and Bad Advice

The truth is, if you are alive in 2015, you have advice being thrown at you from every direction. What you should wear, foods to eat, exercises to do, skin/hair products to use, how to/not to relate to people, what to say, what not to say, what to drive, where to live, vacation. There is absolutely NO shortage of people giving advice on every topic you could possibly imagine. For those of us that work on the Internet in some way, the issue becomes even deeper than just what we use or do. There are people everywhere we look telling us who to be. How to act, speak, dress, sleep, interact, engage. This is where the problem arises. 

I was reading a thread yesterday and saw a woman raving on how this "Entrepreneurial Genius" had given her this amazing advice that had really made a difference for her. Of course, I had to read on and know what this fantastic advice was. Partly because I wanted the advice for myself, partly because I am a voyeur and really nosy. She had told all who would listen, which from what I gather was quite a few people, that they should get up every day and dress as though they were going to work. (JasonWiserBot - inserted here) What? Are You Kidding Me? If this reference escapes you, I highly suggest you begin listening to the Web Search Social Podcast immediately. It will change your life and your business forever. On Track Tips by Jason is definitely worth a listen as well.

Back to my point..

Isn't the point of working from home so that you DON'T have to get up and put on an under wire bra every day? Telling me that I have to get dressed up to work in my own home causes me trauma, just at the thought of it. My desires attire is a tank top and yoga pants. Does this person realize that I meticulously cut fabric, iron it into perfect little pieces and then sew it into a millimeter of its life? All day long... Who on earth would even want to do that in a normal pair of zipped up shorts? When I am stressed, my work is stressed. I need to be as comfortable physically as possible. 

Time. I have seen, at least, twenty different people say that you have to be on a schedule. The schedule, I completely agree with. Day one, get this done, Day two, this. That, to me, is a schedule. If you are anything like me, that is the type of schedule you need. I am working on putting myself on a very strict schedule for this year. I have a certain number of bags that I would like to produce each week. These bags should be put out from Monday - Friday. I would also like to get on a Blog posting schedule. I would like to post twice a week. This means, to me, that there are two posts put up on my blog per week. That does NOT mean that I am going to make myself adhere to a schedule of Tuesday at 10 am I MUST have a blog post up. I know myself and I know that I will stress myself out and never sleep properly. I won't get any work done. I won't write anything worth reading. I will only be concerned with getting a post to the page. I would like to get two posts up a week, if I get one, I will be good with that. That is a schedule for me. A much better schedule than the one I have been on, I might add. 

Sleep. This crazy notion that you have to go to bed at night and get up early in order to get anything done. If you have the type of business that you NEED to be up to make calls or conference with people, by all means, get your butt out of bed at 6 am. I personally, get my best work done when the world shuts down. I open my front door, enjoy the night breeze and create away. I have always been that way. There is something about the still of the night that just really puts me in a zone. I get more done after dark than I ever do during daylight hours. I sleep better from 4 am to noonish. I have tried a thousand times to adjust my sleep schedule. I know that sounds like an exaggeration. It isn't. I have been a night owl since my early 20's. Even when I was required to be at work at 6 am, I struggled to sleep at night and always had a hard time getting up in the morning. My body and my brain works better when I allow it to sleep when it is tired and wake when it is ready. I don't set alarm clocks unless I have appointments, which I try to schedule when I know I will be awake.

The facts are: You wanted to work from home so that you could tell yourself what to do. Right? Why are you letting everyone else tell you that who you are isn't good enough to succeed? Why are you asking everyone else how to be successful? Granted, there are people to help with Marketing Strategies and Web Development.  As far as who you are as an individual, your daily needs and comfort, no one can tell you how to be that person, how to do you. Figure that part out for yourself. Eat what makes your body feel good and have energy, Sleep when your body needs sleep. Work the hours that you are most productive and can get your best work done and wear your underwear to do it if that is what you are comfortable in. Don't let anyone tell you that who you are and your process is wrong. Who you are is what makes your business and your art unique and special. 

Create from a place of being uniquely you. That is what people will notice. That is what people will appreciate and enjoy in your craft.

Keep Calm and Love On