25 Days Of Giveaways - Take 2

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25 Days Of Giveaways

I will save the story of what all went wrong for another post, let's just say it was quite hilarious.

Scratch almost everything that I spent so long planning and go with Plan B.

We cannot do any of the picture posting that I was hoping to do. Thank you very much Facebook. I thought it would be fun. They thought differently.

So, for all the days leading up to the 23rd, you will be asked to Like the Post and Tag a Friend that you think might also want to Enter. That's it.




I know that this time of year is super busy for everyone, so, I have made it so that no one has to participate on the 23, 24, or 25th of December.

Here is How

The 23rd will be a drawing of everyone who is signed up for my Newsletter, if you are reading this, you were either just prompted to do so, or are about to be, you can also sign up via the link. 
This Drawing will be for a Custom Wallet of your choice.

The 24th will be anyone who makes a purchase from TrampLeeDesigns during the Giveaway, December 24 - draw time. I have added a coupon code for you that will give you 25% off anything from TrampLeeDesigns during the entire month of December. 25GIVEAWAYS - Use this code and shop until your hearts content. 

Each individual item purchased gets an entry into the drawing on the 24th. 
This will be for a Custom Wallet of your choice.


 25th will actually be for a Completely Custom, Made To Order, Exactly to YOUR Specifications Bag and Wallet, Picked from a pool of the winners from the previous 24 days. 

So, you really want to participate as much as possible!!!


The 25 Days Of Giveaways are Finally Here... What Will You Win???

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Now for the fun part, 

Over the next 25 Days, I will be having a Drawing Each and Every Day...

I will be giving away AT LEAST one Bag or Wallet each day.

These will NOT be the typical share this, like this types of Giveaways.

 If you haven't had the wonderful experience of getting to know my "way out there" personality yet, 
you are about to.

Each morning, I will post a video with the winner from the day before and that days task. 

Each task will take just a minute or two to finish and you will be all done. 

You will be asked to provide pictures of certain things on particular days. 

I have tried my best to make the list things that will be fun AND things that you will either have around or come across in your normal routine this time of year. 

We will be stopping by to visit and friend or two, people who have helped, supported or encouraged me along the way. Just to say Hello. Nothing too crazy. You won't be asked to like or follow anything, just say Hi. 


Embarrassing Childhood Holiday Photo - If you do not have one of yourself, you can embarrass your spouse or your kids, it's ok, I promise

Good Or Bad, a Handmade Holiday Gift that you have either received or given to someone

Family Holiday Photo

Your Holiday Decor this year

You Donating Food

Your pitiful purse or wallet = reason why you need a new one

You Donating a toy

The Ugliest Holiday Tree that you see

You dressed for a Holiday Party

The Ugliest Holiday Sweater you can find

The Best decorated house in your neighborhood

The Best Santa that you see this year

Also, be thinking about whom you would like to gift a bag to if you won 2 of them at one time... I will let you think about that one...




I know that this time of year is super busy for everyone, so, I have made it so that no one has to participate on the 23, 24, or 25th of December.

Here is How

The 23rd will be a drawing of everyone who is signed up for my Newsletter, if you are reading this, you were either just prompted to do so, or are about to be, you can also sign up via the link. 
This Drawing will be for a Custom Wallet of your choice.

The 24th will be anyone who makes a purchase from TrampLeeDesigns during the Giveaway, December 24 - draw time. I have added a coupon code for you that will give you 25% off anything from TrampLeeDesigns during the entire month of December. 25GIVEAWAYS - Use this code and shop until your hearts content. 

Each individual item purchased gets an entry into the drawing on the 24th. 
This will be for a Custom Wallet of your choice.


on the 25th will actually be for a Completely Custom, Made To Order, Exactly to YOUR Specifications Bag and Wallet, Picked from a pool of the winners from the previous 24 days. 

So, you really want to participate as much as possible!!!

I sent you here to read this, and how on earth will I possibly know if you did? Well, Day 1, the way you enter is to follow this link back to the original Pinned Post on my Facebook Page and type the word, let's see, let's make it something goofy, Rabbits. All you have to do is type the word Rabbits in the comment section of that Pinned Post. I am going to say this ONE MORE TIME so that NO ONE can say they missed it. YOU MUST type it into the pinned post on the top of my Facebook page. I am not requiring that you share the Giveaway, or Like My Facebook or the Post, which, of course you can, and I would greatly appreciate it, but not necessary for entry. 

I will announce today's winner on Tomorrow Morning's Video.. See You Then..


ALL THINGS ETSY - ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Danijela Milica Jujic - Tangled World

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What's your name and where do you live?
My name is Danijela Milica Jujic. I am from Serbia. Beautiful country in Europe with long and rich history.

What is it that you do? How would you describe your work?
I consider myself being a freelance creative artist. Before all I’m a mother of two children. A housewife who left her job because unexpected illness. Which is why I have dedicated to my health and family .By day I’m a housewife, by night I forget everything and I make jewelry. Since I am not a person who can live and does nothing by accident I came up with the idea to make jewelry. I’ve started to do this tree years ago. I was visiting my dad in his workshop, and my dad is an electric engineer, and I’ve started to play with wire that was laying around on the floor and I made my first piece by accident, and it was a ring. So an idea of making jewelry started so I picked up pieces of used wire in my father’s workshop, took it home cleaned it and started to make jewelry. In half a year time I had so much jewelry that my friends talk me into trying to selling it. And so I did… It became my passion, my way of expression… I am completely self-taught. Still learning and exploring new techniques and styles. There is so much left to learn!! All of my designs have been concocted in my mind and sculpted in wire. Everything I make is made with dedication and love. Every jewel are handmade and unique. My favorite technique is wire wrapping. Why? Sincerely I don’t know why, I guess it was love at first sight. Maybe it is because with the wire you can create any shape, there are numerous possibilities. I like other techniques like metalsmith, metal etching and so on…But this one is my favorite. I find inspiration in fairy tales, nature and sometimes I even dream about jewelry which I make afterwards. I am a big fan or sub real things as a way in art and photography. Mostly, that is my inspiration so far. I also paint and draw too. Making jewelry makes me relaxed, it is like a meditation, my own world.

Where can we find you and your work?
Join me on
Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tangledworld 
Pinterest....... https://www.pinterest.com/mazamandic/
Twitter ……..https://twitter.com/TangledWorld 
We Heart this http://weheartit.com/tangledworldjewelry 
Facebook....... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Handmade-jewelry-by-Milica-DJujic/1385774928349083?ref=hl 

What led you to become a selling artist? 
People around me, my friends and my family have made me start to sell your jewelry. They gave me the courage to show the world my skills and my ability to turn my imagination into wearable art. I am grateful that I have them in my life!

Who or what inspires you when you feel like giving up? I am happy to have ability to create...and by some miracle everything I imagined somehow I manage to do. I am very stubbornness and persistent. :) But I yes I had moment when I felt like giving up but again my children and my family inspired me to remain persistent. I teach my children to follow their dreams and that nothing is impossible if you want it enough. Invest a lot of love in your dreams, be persistent and your dreams will become reality! Beside them I have no right to give up! How much time do you spend on your creative business on a weekly basis? It is hard to say how much time I spend on my business on weekly basis. I am working every day about three or four hours, sometimes much more. I am trying to work more but all deepens of the day. Beside that daily I spend about an hour on sites where I advertise my work. I need one more day in a day! ☺))

What is the number one piece of advice you would give someone that is just starting out?
My advice to people who just starting is to find their own way and their own style, not to strive to be someone’s excellent copy. I admire anyone who is able to create something out of his hands and by using his imagination. Everything borne from passion is admirable! And people feel that! I would definitely recommend them not to give up if this is truly the thing they love. What has been the hardest thing about selling your items online? The hardest thing about selling my items online was the moment when I opened my store. I was scared! I was scared to show my art to the world. And sometimes even now it is difficult to separate from some pieces. All my pieces have part of me…Part of my day, my thoughts part of my dreams. But that fear disappear when I get from my customers positive feedback and when in their words I feel love. Then I am happy and then I get more motivation to work and to create! That people are my inspiration!

What resource or tool have you found that has helped you the most on your journey to success? My journey to success helped the most people who already had Etsy store. They all was kind to me and had the patience to explain everything that interested me. I am doing that too now! Helping others.

What has been your single greatest moment in regard to your business?
My first sale was my greatest moment. My first customer was so thrilled and full of praise for my work that I was floating in the clouds all day ☺))That customer became my regular customer and we became friends. What is the one thing that has brought your business the most traffic/sales and in what way did you utilize it to make it do so? Thing that brought the most sales to me is my activity on internet. My profile on Pinterest, Instagram and other social network where I establish contacts with people who follow my work. That is very important! Beside that I am active on more than one community on Etsy where I play games ☺

What goals have you set for your business over the next couple of years? 
My very long term dream is to have my own studio and to be a real full-time artist. I would like to people recognize my work in future. My biggest goal is to make happy people who by jewelry from me. There is no bigger satisfaction than that.

Thank you So much Danijela for sharing your story with us and inspiring us all with your beautiful work. So creative and imaginative. Stop by TangledWorld and say Hello to Danijela. Show her pieces some love, buy one, or 5. And if you cannot do that, Please share her items anywhere that you can so that the world can see her beautiful work.

Remember, If you would like to be a part of All Things Etsy, you are welcome to follow and request and invite to Pin. I have also added an All Things Etsy to Instagram and Twitter, where I am gearing up to promote Etsy Shops on both of those platforms as well. All promotions are completely free of charge. It is just my way of helping out fellow artists when I see something I love. Something that someone has poured their soul into. Please be a part of this by spreading the love around. Join all three and help support handmade.

Don't forget to stop by Trampleedesigns and see what is new in the shop this week. If you have a Trampleedesigns Bag and love it, take some pictures of you with it on, I would love to share them here. And hey, tell people about it, if you haven't left a review on my page, please do so. If you received the bag as a gift, how about stopping by LinkedIn and leaving a review of Trampleedesigns. This will tell future potential customers just what you think of my work. Please do this for all crafters, artists and traders that you do business with. It really does help to grow your brand and your business.




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Making the MOST of Twitter for Your Small Business

Ok, here we go. I keep getting asked why I am creating lists, what is the purpose and how Twitter works. I am going to try and explain it as easily and simply as possible and then give you the low maintenance way to grow your Twitter Business Account super fast with minimal work.

First of all, I am guessing that you have the basics of Twitter down, tweeting, hashtags, retweeting and so on, if not, there is couple of great free courses over at Udemy that you can take that will give you the fundamentals. I strongly suggest that before you dig into this, you learn those things and feel comfortable with them. This will be too confusing otherwise.

Twitter allows you to create up to 1000 lists with each account and each list may contain up to 5000 users. The purpose of these lists, from their point of view, I am just guessing, is this: Say you have a group, who knows, a team on Etsy and you want to be able to retweet all of the members,  you add each member to a specific list and name it “Etsy Team xyz”. Then, when you sign into Twitter, you can easily access that list and retweet or view all of the tweets that have been posted by those people.




Tweet impressions


Profile visits




New followers

We are going to take the use of lists to the next level. To grow your following and really maximize your exposure. With very little work on your part. The proof is in the numbers. I spend maybe 2 minutes on Twitter a day. It took me 3+ years of every day networking, retweeting and sharing to get 4000 followers. I have 7500+ in two months. This really works if you set it up properly.

First, you have to get an IFTTT (If This the That) account.  Then you do a little research on Google and find out the most popular hashtags for your target audience. I personally want people who are in/interested in the handmade marketplace/etsy to share, view and follow my account. How do I lure them in?

  1. Create Twitter Lists: Using IFTTT, create multiple lists using hashtags from your niche. Target those that you would like to see or share your items.
  2. Create Auto Retweets: Using those same hashtags as you did for your lists, create auto retweets. Those you retweet, will oftentimes retweet you.
  3. Create Auto Thank You for Mentions, Retweets and Follows
  4. Create Auto Follow Back: If someone follows your business because they like your items, follow them back. What you have been told about having more followers than you are following is crap in small business. People want to know that they matter. Show them that they do.
  5. Visit your page once each day to answer any questions and give responses to anything that was missed. This process does not negate you from going on twitter, just saves you a ton of time. You still have to engage and respond when someone says thank you or speaks to you. That really goes a long way. There will be a whole lot more of that with this process.

 Once you sign in to IFTTT, you can search for recipes that have been created by others already. If you search, “twitter list” or “twitter hashtag”, you should find a few that you will only have to change the particular hashtag that you want to create a list from. Same with the retweets, if you type in search, “twitter retweets” you can find one that says retweet a particular hashtag. Or, you can branch out on your own and create a brand new one if you find that easier. IFTTT is quite simple. You just click on the THIS and select your channel, which is Twitter - it will give you a list of options, click what you want it to do. In this instance, if someone tweets a particular hashtag. You then click THAT and select your channel which is also Twitter. Create a List, or Send a Tweet, whichever of the two you are doing and it will give you the place to enter the hashtag. Click done and that is it…

Once you get the basics of IFTTT down and figure out all that it can do for you, you will be using it for everything. And the very coolest part, it is FREE…. I have it doing so many things that it is crazy. Just be careful because you don’t want it doing things three and four times. That is really easy to do with this program. You don’t want your followers to see the same post in your FB feed 5 times because you made your Twitter auto post to FB and your Instagram auto post to Twitter and your FB auto post to Tumblr and your Tumblr auto post to Twitter. You get the picture.

This all might sound really confusing in print, it really isn’t. IFTTT is a very simple program. Trust me, just go in and try it out. You will get the hang of it in no time at all. If you  have any questions, just let me know. Twitter has become a huge source of traffic for me. I cannot necessarily link it back to conversions, but traffic for sure. I would love to hear about your results and how you are using IFTTT for your business. What ways have you found to grow your Twitter account? Drop me a line and let me know.

If you enjoyed this post, please take the time to leave a comment. If you hated it, or think it sucks, let me know that too. I would love to hear what you think. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Please take the time to stop by Trampleedesigns. KEEP CALM AND LOVE ON...



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What's your name and where do you live?
Hi, my name is Natascha Schwarzer and I am lucky to be living in the tropical beauty that is Far North Queensland, Australia.

What is it that you do? How would you describe your work?
My Etsy shop Jaya Maya specialises in vibrant handmade resin jewellery. I use translucent resin dyes to create bold and unique pieces that are luminous in colour. I love combining resin with other materials such as wood or seeds to create one of a kind pieces. All my pieces are made by me by hand, no power tools are used. I am inspired daily by the lush tropical beauty of my surroundings. The colours here seem to be especially vibrant and my resin jewellery reflects that. You will find shades of aqua and turquoise inspired by the Coral Sea, the lush green of sugar cane and the deep rich green of rainforest plants.

Where can we find you and your work?
You can connect with me here:

What led you to become a selling artist?
After I discovered my love for creating resin jewellery I was soon coming to the point where my handmade jewellery was overrunning my drawers. So I had to either stop creating or start selling! I chose selling, and have been loving it. I love being solely in charge of my own business and to be able to work flexible hours.

Who or what inspires you when you feel like giving up?
My mum is a great inspiration to me as she has become a selling artist later in life and she is always forging ahead and radiating positive energy. My husband and my children are a great support to me and keep me going. I am also inspired and soothed by the beautiful nature around me.

How much time do you spend on your creative business on a weekly basis?
I pretty much spend every day creating and promoting. I do give myself permission to have days off though when I am experiencing a creative slump.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give someone that is just starting out?
Believe in yourself and don't give up at the first hurdle. It takes time - such a cliche, I know - but so true. Also focus on building great relationships with your customers and other creative artists, they are a very supportive bunch.

What has been the hardest thing about selling your items online?
I find it difficult not to have instant feedback on my items. It also took me a while to build an online following, but as with everything, it becomes easier with time.

What resource or tool have you found that has helped you the most on your journey to success?
My local library has been a wealth of information and my online networks with fellow artists have supported and encouraged me.

What has been your single greatest moment in regard to your business?
Seeing my sales take off over the last few weeks has really given me a kick and inspired me to keep going. I also feel honoured to have been chosen as the Queensland Representative for HALP Australia (www.halpaustralia.com.au) and to have been nominated for two awards at the Far North Queensland Handmade Industry Awards which will be held later this year.

What is the one thing that has brought your business the most traffic/sales and in what way did you utilize it to make it do so?
Most of my traffic comes from online sources. I try to optimize my Etsy SEO all the time and I use my Facebook page to promote my work. I love the visual and creative side of Instagram and I use Pinterest and Pin4Etsy to drive traffic to my store.

What goals have you set for your business over the next couple of years?
My goal is to grow my business to such a level that I won't have to look for work outside the home but can still have a lifestyle which is flexible and filled with joy.

I can absolutely see why Natascha and Jaya Maya are doing so well. She does amazing work. Her pieces are stunning, her photography eye catching and impossible to ignore. Thrilled to have her be a part of All Things Etsy and our first Artist Spotlight. Thank you so much Natascha for telling sharing your story with us. Stop by and explore Jaya Maya, look at what lovely masterpieces she has for you to add to your collection.

While you are browsing, please take a look at what Trampleedesigns has new in the shop this week.

Until then, KEEP CALM and LOVE ON...


What is PIN4ETSY? Should I sign up? How will it benefit My ETSY Shop?

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In this post, I am going to do my very best to squash all of the rumors and clear up any questions you may still have about the new Pin4Etsy Beta. After you are finished reading, you should have a clear picture of what the program is and whether or not you want to invest the time to grow your business to the next level using this tool. If so, and you haven't yet signed up, you can do so here Pin4Etsy.

Let's start with the fact that the advertisements all said that you can sell your Etsy items Right from Pinterest. Am I the only one that expected a Price and Link through like some other sites offer? I was a bit surprised when I actually entered the beta and that is NOT what I discovered. I apologize to anyone whom I may have sent out a request to join stating that they might be getting themselves into that. What Pin4Etsy actually is...
 A Pin Exchange
You post the Pin that you would like others to Repin
You Repin the item as many times as you would like your item Repinned, up to 30 at a time, you can always come back and add more later
Others Repin the items you have listed

Now, if you have a large shop and a lot of items, the initial set up can be daunting, it will take some time to set up all of your items and earn enough repins on all of them. Yet, once you are completely set up, signing in daily to "re-up" your pins really doesn't take much time at all. I, however, would suggest making use of a bored teenager or friend if you have one. That is time that can be spent elsewhere if possible. 

Why should you do this? No matter how great your SEO is, getting your items into Google Images is ridiculously hard. You have competitors that are already selling world wide and have a huge audience. The easiest way to do so, Pinterest Repins. The more that you get, the easier it is to get your items into Google Images. Not only will your items be seen on Pinterest more often, but also when someone searches in Google Images for an item in your niche. It is truly a win win. 

Have you signed up yet? Pin4Etsy
Please understand that there is a waiting list. They are in their Beta phase and trying the program out on a few people at a time. Once signed up, you will be put on a wait list. They full program will be released in 143 days, according to the clock. But, there are ways to get in quicker. Once you have signed up, they will send you a link with a personal referral code, this code allows you to invite others. Invite your friends to sign up, fellow shop owners, team mates, Pinterest contacts, blog readers, facebook fans, whomever. Once you have signed up 25 new members under your link, you are in the beta. That simple..

Making the Most of Pin4Etsy...
I have noticed that most of the shop owners in the Beta are creating a particular board and naming it "Pin4Etsy" to repin to. In my opinion, this is a BAD IDEA. The point of all this work is to make your pins and the other shop owners pins appear to everyone who is not an Etsy shop owner as organic repins. In order to do that, you cannot place them into a board that clearly labels them as "bought" repins. If you want to make a specific board to repin to, I suggest you create a group board and make it an Etsy board while you are at it. 

If you have been around Pinterest for a minute, you know that the Etsy Group Boards are a huge hit.  Well, I happen to have a very popular one All Things Etsy. I also belong to quite a few of the largest ones on Pinterest. I am going to share with you what I did to make it that way and suggest that you do the same. The benefits??? In order to pin to my board, shop owners come to my shop and ask for an invite. What do you think they do while they are there? They fave or follow my shop, or both. Sometimes, they even browse and fave some items. It is a big win for me all the way around. Why not create this extra traffic for yourself with just a little bit of work on the front end? Here is all you have to do..

Come up with a Catchy Title.. It must include Etsy, but make it unique, PLEASE.. I am tired of the same repeats.. Make a cool graphic using Canva and make it your cover. Make it a group board where those contributing can also invite other contributors. Clearly state your mission and requirements. I personally do not police my board, I don't have time. The only requirement I have is that the members only post Etsy items. I check it periodically to make sure that is happening. And honestly, in 3 plus years, I have had little to no problems. If you only add shop owners, you won't either. It is obnoxious to get a message from someone saying that I posted more than two items today to their board, don't do that crap. You want your board busy, you want it to grow fast. Encourage posting. If you want to limit the amount per day, make it reasonable. Some of us use an auto poster and sometimes it doesn't work properly. If it messes up, I don't want to hear my catholic school teacher reprimanding me, I am an adult. I was actually blocked from one board because I shared the wrong "content" to the board. It was actually my auto-poster that did it. The busier you get, the more you will try out tools to help you, those tools aren't always efficient. But, you have to try them and see if they will work for you. Look at this board from the eyes of those pinning to it. Don't be the police... Make it fun and inviting...

Now, once your board is up and running, you have invited everyone you already know, you want to find new followers and pinners. This is the fun part. Once you are in the Beta, this will be easy enough, you will pin your repins to this board. Don't wait for that. Start immediately pinning any beautiful Etsy shop item that you see on Pinterest to your board. You will be amazed at how many of them will follow it. Just keep it up and you will quickly see it growing. I also suggest joining the Team Pin4Etsy Board and repinning some of those items to your own. My logic here is that anyone waiting for the Beta to open up to them is paying close attention to Pinterest at this point. You will gain numerous followers from there as well. 

If you have anything to add or questions, please feel free to comment below.. I would love to hear your experiences..

Please Stop by Trampleedesigns and see what we have new in the Shop this week..

Keep Calm and Love On...


$50 TO THE AUGUST TRAMP OF THE MONTH - How Do You Get In On This One???

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But what is that???

I know.. Something new, but doesn't it sound exciting?

For a while now, I have been trying to figure out a way to show my amazing fans and supporters just how much I appreciate them. And let me just say, I have some amazing supporters. I do my very best to say thank you, which I cannot always get there in time to do, and it just doesn't seem like enough. I have been wracking my brain, trying to figure out what I can do to show them just exactly how much I appreciate all they do. I can be asleep, and my items are still being shared. I can be in the bathtub, shared. On the toilet, shared. I am so incredibly lucky and I want everyone that makes that possible to know just how much it means to me. For many months now, every single time I open up my twitter account, I see the same face. This picture is there on my retweets every single day, no matter what. 

So, it is no wonder that I would choose Mandi Jackson from 3 Lemons Co as my very first TRAMP OF THE MONTH.

Mandi will receive a $50 gift certificate to Trampleedesigns to spend as she likes.

Now, I want you guys to take the time to support Mandi, stop by 3 Lemons Co on Etsy and on Twitter, you cannot find a better supporter. Follow and Fave her items, re tweet her and add her to your lists, you won't regret it..

Every single month, on or around (tee hee) the first of the month, We will be picking one person that really stands out that month. That goes that extra mile and has really made an effort in helping us grow. If you don't get picked that month, please do not thing it is because we did not notice, we notice and we appreciate each and every one of you, we will get to you. I will continue doing this until I get to all of you. I want all of our fans and supporters to know that this would not be possible, we would not be possible with you. I just love you guys..

 Use the hashtag #iamatramp when possible.

I am going to start in the next few weeks also doing GIVEAWAYS on the blog, so stay posted. Just trying to get it all organized. 

Keep Calm and Love On...

If you find the time, Please Stop by Trampleedesigns and see what is new in the shop...


STANDING OUT in the ETSY Crowd..

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Addendum: I have come across some really cool ways to make the most of Google Adwords. I will share them in another post soon. 

When first starting on Etsy, it is very easy to believe that you can follow their listing template, enter your item and bam, suddenly your item will list and sell. WRONG. That magic absolutely does not happen. There is a very specific process to getting your listing to not only show up where you want it to in search on Etsy and to show up when people search for your type of item on Google, or another search engine. This process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you don't really know what that means, don't feel bad, I didn't have a clue when I started either. If you haven't had an online store, or worked online before, their is really no reason for you to have known this. Now that you are going to, it is a very important part of getting your item out in front of people. Having your listing properly Optimized will give you the edge and allow your listing to rank higher in search. I am going to first of all provide you with the tools to learn EXACTLY what SEO is, and how you can use it to bring customers to you.

The very first thing that I recommend, and the absolute best tool that I have found is MOZ. Scroll down to the video section labeled SEO, start at video 1 and work your way through them. They break down the SEO process better than anyone else that I have found. This will give you the basic understanding that you need to work with in order to create your listings.

The second thing that I suggest, Debbie over at WorkYourArt.com has an amazing free guide called The Anatomy of an Etsy Listing. This guide breaks down each and every part of the listing process, from how to write your title, description and keywords to pricing. I found it to be incredibly helpful.

Now, the last thing, and an absolute must, I just recently found something that changed my life and my SEO forever. I think probably all shop owners struggle a bit with getting their keywords and titles just right. Every time I list a new type of item, I have the hardest time finding just the right words to make it appear where I would like it to. That is where the Etsy SEO Tips for Greater Etsy Success and Aaron Esteban came in. I ran into Aaron in a Facebook Group and he was offering to do free keyword searches for shops having issues, Before the night was over, he had a huge list back to me of keywords that I had never thought of before. Within a day, I was getting hits in my shop like I have not seen in almost 4 years of business. I have not paid Aaron anything and he has not paid me anything. I mentioned that I would be saying something about what he did for me on my blog and he asked that I tell people he was doing free keyword searches. So, if you are having issues getting your items to show up and struggling with keywords, find Aaron Esteban. The first link is for his Youtube and the second his Facebook page. I highly recommend using his program and his work.

I have to be honest, I wrote this and then found something amazing. I am so happy that I did not post it right away. I took the time to test out what I found. And boy oh boy does it work. I am going to share it all with you. This information was provided by Thecraftymarketer.com, because it is working so well for me, and I mean, it worked immediately after making these changes, I suggest you sign up for her emails and  follow her resources. See what other information she might have to offer.

Etsy Listing SEO Checklist:
1. Create a catchy title with your main keyword phrase at the
beginning, plus at the beginning of your description and about 3
or 4 times throughout. Write your main keyword at the very
bottom of your listing.
2. Use all 5 image spaces. Etsy uses your title as H1 and Image
Tags, so take every opportunity you can!
3. Category Names must be keywords!
4. Put links to all your categories in every single listing, as well as
on your Policies page and Shop Announcement profile.
5. Link to your Testimonials page in every listing.
6. Main keyword should be first in your tags, use ALL 13 tags! Plus,
under the Materials section are 13 more chances for more tags
(even double some up).

With these things completed, you should be ready to enter your items into your shop. Spread out your listings. Put them in at different times throughout the day and night so that you can get more views. If your Social Media accounts are linked, as we discussed in a prior post, you can automatically share them on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook right after publishing the listing. 

In my next post, we will discuss other platforms to promote your Etsy items. Places that will drive traffic to your shop with minimal effort on your part.

Web.Search.Social Podcast is a must hear for anyone doing business online. If you need help marketing online, figuring out your target audience, creating goals for your business or just getting your head in the game, this is the place to go. I never miss an episode. 

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How to make your ETSY products look Awesome...

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My goal here is to provide you with the resources you need to get the best shots possible for your particular products. To guide you to where you need to go to learn how to use your equipment properly to obtain the right effects in the least expensive way possible, and to keep you from having to retake your photos a dozen times.

One of the biggest mistakes that New Shop Owners make is their photos. You have a range of people, from those who put no effort whatsoever and snap a photo with their phone, upload it, post it and believe it should sell, to those that use an app to completely white out the background and make the product look all washed out. Your goal is to provide the most accurate portrayal of your item. You want the shopper to see the true color of your item. This is not difficult, but it does take practice. Depending on your particular equipment and product, you will first have to do a bit of research. I am providing you will clickable links throughout that will lead you to pages on Pinterest and Youtube that are filled with all the information that you could possibly need. 

I would suggest that you once again go to craftcount, find a couple of shops in your niche that are presenting their items in a way that you find pleasing. Is the white background your favorite? Would your items looks better with a colored background? Be careful with a colored background, it is easy to make your item disappear.  Do you live in an area where using Natural Light is possible? Some people get a lot of overcast and rain and it just makes more sense to have an indoor studio set up. Do you have someone on hand that is willing to model? Using a live model is wonderful, just make sure that this person is not going to be one that loves it at first and will hate it in a month. About a month in, you will figure out how to get great shots and they will be tired of you telling them which way to stand or move.

Whether you have chosen natural light or to use an indoor studio, you have to prepare a background, or a number of them. Something that you can have on hand. Small items do really well in a light box, which can be constructed for pennies. Now that you know where you are taking your photos, lets discuss your lighting. If you can afford it, you can find lighting gear that will completely meet your needs on Amazon. It comes in kits plenty large enough for any products you could be selling. This is the least expensive way that I could find. I personally have set up a photo "table" with hanging backdrops that move out of my way on a curtain rod. This makes it very easy to change them out when I need to. My lights stay set up in the corner around the table. 

I know that everyone is going to have a different camera. You don't have to go and buy some fancy new camera, or even some great editing software to have great photos that pop. Learning to use what you have is usually all you need. For pretty much every camera that is out there, there is someone online, usually on YouTube, teaching you for free how to use it manually. Instead of hitting the Auto button, like we are used to, you have to take the time to learn all of your functions. Find the tutorials for YOUR camera. Learn how to shoot in macro. Learn about your F stop and aperture. You can even do these things on the new phones that are out, and take amazing photos with them. 

There are a dozen great photo editing programs out there, everyone has a favorite. If you do, great, use it. I played around with all of them. For me, I determined that once my photos were taken in proper lighting, a little tweak with my Windows editor to crop the picture and maybe brighten it slightly or add a little contrast is all I need. Whenever I use a fancy photo editor, I lose the truness of my color. It is very important to me that I present the real color of my fabric in my photos.

Once you have taken your photos, make sure that you name the first photo before listing it. Google grabs the photos from your shop  and uses it for search images, if it is named td345, where do you think it will pop up? You can also add keywords to your photos. I know that this seems time consuming and tedious. But, do you want your photos to pop up when someone types what it is into Google? I always add my shop as the Author as well. 

The Etsy Sellers Handbook has some great articles on Picture taking from shop owners and retailers alike that might interest you. 

There is always room to grow, if you make a mistake, you can always redo it. Lord knows, I have changed mine and will probably learn something new tomorrow. In the next post I will be discussing ETSY SEO and Listings. I will provide you with free resources to learn everything you need to know to get your items to pop up in Etsy Search and in Google. I didn't say this would be easy..

 If you have some amazing advice that you would like to share, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

If you are in need of direction, help with your website, help with promotion, check out the WEB.SEARCH.SOCIAL PODCAST. They will definitely get you going in the right direction. The wealth of advice they share is ridiculous. Plus, they are hilarious...

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