Because Every Woman Deserves Great Jewelry....

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What a wonderful and fun shop name. It makes my mind go wild. I would love for you guys to meet Susan and introduce you to her shop Susoodles. She designs and creates the most wonderful jewelry pieces. When I first began considering her for this piece and went to her shop, I expected her pieces to be quite high, I was quite surprised, they are actually reasonably priced. 

I asked Susan to share her story with me, to give me some background on how she began. She told me that it actually started as a project to just make gifts for friends and family. When the gifts were given, they were so well received that she decided that maybe she had a talent for this. I believe she was right. 
I really want to focus in this series on what artists do during times of struggle, personally and artistically. Susan sites that personally, she just keeps going and artistically, she finds herself another project to focus on or something unrelated to her art. Like many of us, she has other crafts that she does, like painting or knitting that she will turn to for a short period of time just to be able to "come back fresh".

As Susan tells me of her journeys as a Military Wife, I think of my own travels. I hope she knows how much we appreciate how much she and her family has sacrificed for us and our freedoms. I know that it is difficult to give up so much. I am glad that she has found something to keep herself occupied during those difficult times, which I can imagine there have been a few. I want her and all Military Families to know that we truly appreciate all of their sacrifice. Being in that many places cannot be easy. I have traveled many places myself and met many people. Very few of them have actually given up as much as military families do each and every day when they make the decision to be apart for months, sometimes years, for the sole benefit of others freedom. To me, that is such a selfless act. I am honored to be a part of a country where we have people like that. 

I asked Susan to share with me what it is that she sees in the future for herself and Susoodles. She explains that her current goal is to open another Etsy shop, I won't mention the name so that it won't be taken, and sell handmade Pearl jewelry items. Which I can imagine will be just as beautiful as the items she makes already. Her long term dream would be to have a brick and mortar Shop where locals could come to buy supplies as well as take classes.                     
Susan and Susoodles can also be found on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram. I do hope that you guys will stop by and visit her Etsy shop via any of the highlighted links and give her some support. This is the first in my series of ALL THINGS ETSY Interviews. I will be doing an interview each and every week of one member that posts to my ALL THINGS ETSY Board on Pinterest. You can follow me or the board via any of the links provided. If you have an Etsy shop and would like to contribute, just send me a message and I would be glad to add you. Please support Small Business and Shop Small. 

I Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Weekend and a Safe Holiday.....


That's One Direction

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Life is Funny

You do things the way you are supposed to. You work hard, you show up, you put in the effort, you sweat, you give, you bleed and sometimes, it just doesn't work out the way it is supposed to. Sometime's no matter how much effort you put into things, they just don't work out. You hear everyone say that you just cannot give up, keep your head up, you are gonna make it. Some days, it is hard to try. It is hard to believe that what you have worked so hard for, what you believe is possible is anything more than just something you have made up in your head. A delusion. Maybe all of those people that told you your work was beautiful were blowing smoke. If they love your work so much, why aren't any of them buying it? You keep making more beautiful things. You have more creative ideas. The accolades and praise are there, while dinner is getting thin. The phrase starving artist has become more real than anyone could have ever imagined. It may not truly be your stomach that starves, but your soul. Soon, you may have no choice but to give up. How can you possibly spend another dime on a venture that will land you in the poor house when there is no return? You have done everything they said to do. Followed all of their advice. Those photos were retaken so many times that I am surprised the camera still works. The lighting had to be just the way they said, the background just so. They said your wording was all wrong, it was no wonder no one found your stuff. You spent months getting every word just right, making sure that each phrase was perfect. Going over and over each listing, painstakenly searching to make sure your items came up where you needed them to. Struggling get each one ideal. Yet still, Nothing. You networked, shared, liked, treasured, pinned, tweeted, stumbled, hearted, gave until you had no more to give, what were you to do? Give up? No, you give some more...

I am starting a new project...
I have just come back from a long hiatus, refreshed, renewed and with a whole new attitude. I know that there are other artists out there that are struggling. That have taken all of the advice. That just cannot keep spending money to make money. I am aware that most of the bloggers, not that I, by any means consider myself a blogger, ask shop owners to send their items to them for review in order to be featured. Well, I am doing something different. Each week, I am going to pick an artist from Etsy. Someone from the All Things Etsy board on Pinterest. Someone whom I see regularly working to promote their items. That I see has taken the time to take the advice. Read the "handbook". Do the "research". Wants their items to look professional and their shop to look like more than a bunch of stuff thrown together. That takes pride in their craft and is really making the effort. I am going to do a feature hear on that person. A background on them and their art, what got them into their artistry in the first place. Very casual, as you all know, I am a quirky, laid back kind of person. It will be very off the cuff. I am going to be personally choosing the artists according to the items that I see each week posted on the All Things Etsy board. 

Along with the feature here, I will also be promoting them and their shop on my Google+ , Facebook , TwitterInstagramLinkedIn , Stumbleupon, do I need to keep going?
As well as many of the items out of their shop being featured in my new paper on Saturdays 
The tramp.. Which, won't be one of those computer generated, get whatever junk you want off the twitter feed kind. I am actually going to be adding content all week and using it for the purpose of producing a fashion forward, functioning, informative paper. It is a new project and for now, I will only be publishing on Saturdays. 

I want to do what I can to help out other handmade artists that have put in the work. The ones that are working as hard as I have worked. That are trying hard and really putting in the effort to put out a good quality product.  I see that those people are on the Internet just as much as I am promoting their shops and the shops of fellow Etsians. I see them working with the teams and working on these amazing treasuries and I see the effort they are putting in. I feel like if I can do a small part to help promote them and get them even a small amount of exposure, why not? So, if you see this, share it for me, please. I really appreciate it..


Do I look like a Serial Killer in that picture?

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Welcome to Saturday..

As anyone who has been reading this blog will know by now, I am a bit, ok so maybe a lot opinionated. With that being said, it is MY blog and I do get to say what I Well, I also share whatever information I come across that I see is hindering someones engagement. I see every single social media expert telling every person willing to listen to make their photo of themselves. I understand this concept. As explained, you want to be more personal, easier to relate to. You want your customer to understand that there is a person behind the brand. I get all of that. Here is my problem. Before you decide to do this, take a good long look in the mirror. This is not to be cruel to anyone, I promise. If you absolutely are unable to smile for any reason at all, even to take your business photo, maybe using your picture isn't such a good idea. If you don't have anyone to help you take the photo and it is going to be so dark that no one will be able to see your face, or you might look like a Halloween character in the picture, maybe you shouldn't use your own picture. If, and once again, let me say, I don't mean any harm, if you have a face that only a mother could love, it might be a good idea if you don't use your own photo to advertise and promote your business. Once more thing. Prior to taking your photographs, bathe, comb your hair, unless of course it is a candid outdoor shot and you are supposed to have unkempt hair. Then, it is perfectly fine. If the photo makes it obvious that you are the type of person that just does not take care of yourself, it is going to be much less likely that anyone will want to buy anything from you. While you are at it, if you are a hoarder, and that is absolutely your right, you may not want to let the picture show any of your hoard in the background. Some people might see that as somewhat of a turnoff. Just remember, in business, you want to put your best foot forward. Sometimes, that means, someone else's...

In all seriousness, take a good photo. Try your best to make yourself appear to be inviting. Why spend all of that time making a beautiful item and then drive people away at the door? 

Good Luck and Happy Sales.. Thanks for listening to my rant..

If you have a minute, stop by my shop and check out my bags..



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As of yesterday, the shop is back open for business. I have loaded in 32 bags so far. I tried to put in a variety to begin with. A few clutches, a few mini clutch purses and a few cross body hobo bags. I figures that would give everyone a little to choose from to start with. Anyone from Etsy will understand that it is time consuming to get your posts updated. Even if you have the listing already, you have to update your tags, edit your listing titles, make sure it is showing up where you want it to in search. Blah Blah Blah. Oh, by the way, quick tidbit, I was searching around the net last night and found out that all this time we are spending trying to get our stuff on google search and missing the boat, DON'T SPEND MONEY ON GOOGLE ADS. If you are not utilizing Google+, you are missing out. I know that Facebook brings sales, I know that Twitter and other sites drive traffic. You are gonna have to trust me on this one. I have ads showing up from a year ago under a random simple "purse" and "clutch" search, on the very first page of google. All because of it being shared on Google+. This tool is being way under utilized by Etsians. I see so many of us spending days and days on Etsy promoting or on Facebook promoting and getting frustrated from no sales. THIS will get your shop exposure. Don't just post though. Network. Make sure you add people, comment, +1 and interact.

Ok, off my bandwagon and on to the GOOD STUFF



Yes, you read that right. For my shop reopening, I decided that while I am getting all of my items posted back into my shop, why not give all my loyal fans a gift. I am giving each and every one of you $10 to spend in my shop. No, you don't have to spend so much to use it, or use it on certain purses or clutches or bags. Use it on anything. I will be loading in more all week. Use it on whatever you like. Just take it and shop away. I am gonna ask you to Like my Facebook, Follow my blog, which, if you are reading this, you probably already do, make a comment, Follow my Twitter, all that little, one click here stuff. It is all set up in a giveaway program. I don't ask for your email so that I can spam you or any of that. 

I just want my fans to know how very much I appreciate you guys sticking by me through this move and transition. You are the best..I am so very glad to be back. Before you know it, I will be back to putting out new designs. Purses, Clutches, Handbags and more rolling off the assembly line that is a cabin in my back

If you are interested in the Giveaway, you can catch it on my Facebook or enter here

trampleedesigns Giveaway


Today and Tomorrow

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Today and Tomorrow

So, here we are again. Another long day. Fingers crossed, I found someone to move the building that will be my shop over to the new house. It hasn't been easy. Surprisingly, it is difficult to get someone to move buildings. I guess small ones and large houses are easier to move than large cabin like buildings. Who would have known. I found someone local, after weeks of looking, that hopefully can do it. From my understanding, the building being 12' high is an issue. I guess once it is on the truck, it is too high for the power lines. Well, I am leave that part to them to figure out. I am just excited to get it over here and get back to work. 
Tomorrow, I go to storage and pick up all of my bags that are already made. I am going to sort through all of them and re list what I have still available. Get the shop back up and going, some activity happening there. I am noticing that people are stopping by. Unfortunately, with no inventory listed, they are stopping by and leaving. That doesn't serve much of a purpose. The quicker I can get things listed the better. So, that is my plan for tomorrow. Sort and List, Sort and List. Thank God for Etsy and that my listing are all right there and I can just re list them and don't have to redo any of them. Other than the ones I am choosing to change in some way. All the fellow Etsians out there understand how difficult and time consuming it is to do multiple listing from scratch. It takes up a chunk of time. You don't want to seem repetitive, but, it is difficult not to be when you have a lot to list. I try my best to keep each and every one of my listings personal and kind of quirky, like me. I want people to enjoy reading my listings. I hope that they get the same pleasure out of reading them that I get out of writing them. I will sit and laugh at myself when I am doing them. 
I am off for a good nights sleep as I will need lots of energy for tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful night and is having an awesome week. I look forward to catching up with everyone soon...

Don't forget to stop by All Things Etsy on Pinterest and share your ware's if you are a fellow Etsian.


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Welcome Back

Here I am again. I know, I have been gone for a while. Since I have posted, so much has happened. I closed my shop for a bit, in order to make a big move out of state. Which ended up turning into a much bigger move then expected. It became a move followed by a full home remodel. Which took quite a few months. Of course, we now have a beautiful, practically brand new home, which we Love and it is done just the way we want it. But, my business was on hold for a bit. That is alright, it all works out the way it is supposed to. Now, the house is done and it is time for me to get back to the business at hand. I reopened my shop tonight. Tomorrow, I will begin listing what bags I already have made. This week, fingers crossed, we will get the building that is to be my workshop moved to the new house and set up. I am super excited to be back up and creating again. I have so many ideas and designs ready to roll out. I have been working with new materials and fabrics for handles and designs. My mind is a buzz. I have so many ideas that I am not even sure where to start. 

Adding to all of this excitement, and what spurred the move, is a new love. I got engaged and will also be planning my wedding over the next year. So, there will be plenty of correspondence with my Etsy wedding stuff making pals out there... You know who you are... 

The next couple of weeks will bring with it lots of Tramp Lee Designs Sales and Games and Giveaways. So, keep your eyes peeled. I am excited to be back and look forward to catching up with all of you.