NO!!! I am NOT a PORN STAR... OR a Hooker... The story behind the name

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the story behind the name

Those who know me personally, or are connected with me on personal channels, I always assumed would make the connection between my name and trampleedesigns. That, was my mistake. Over the course of the last year, as the business has grown, I have discovered, over multiple social media networks, that my male following, and influx of, to say it delicately "proposals" have started rolling in at an alarming rate. I have tried to ignore them. As Bruno Mars obviously felt by wearing gold curlers last night on The Voice, any exposure is good exposure. I truly appreciate the attention for my business. However, I do want people to realize, I am actually very serious about what I do. 

Trampleedesigns is actually my name. T. RampleyTramplee. That simple. The idea to use if for my business was that of my daughter. There is nothing more to it. For some reason the use of the word Tramp draws some very unsavory attention. I am really sorry guys. I appreciate the attention, I love networking with all of you. I love sharing your content. I like getting to know all of you online. Learning about your businesses and getting to know all about you online. But honestly, anything other than that, isn't going to happen. I am a very happily engaged woman and extremely content in my life. And, I am really NOT a porn star, or a hooker. So, people on social media, please stop asking me things that make me feel as if I am.... Or trying to add me to communities of naked folks..

I hope everyone is having a 
Wonderful Holiday Season!!!

Keep Calm and Love On