What do a Mouse, The Color Pink and Great Looking Kids have in Common? Great Fashion

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I would like to introduce you to Karyn Milner from Pink Mouse Kids. For a while now, I have been seeing her incredibly cute photos popping up everywhere on social media channels. I can always tell which ones are hers. When I see them, I wonder to myself how in the heck she was able to get the kids to do that? I remember that every single time I took my child to get photos taken she would either spill something on herself or start crying just before time to shoot. Karyn obviously has some very talented and willing participants at her ready. My daughter still shoots me a nasty look whenever I pick up a camera and she will be 24, tomorrow actually, Happy Birthday Babygirl, she won't read this, they think I am nuts for blogging.

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I find it funny how as I write these interviews I find myself relating to each individual artist. Karyn suffered a major car accident in 2009 and really wasn't sure she would ever be able to do much after that. During this time she developed a passion for sewing and creating. She had always known how, but the drive came to her like it had not before. When her mobility returned, she began making clothing for her niece and nephew, which turned into much greater things, as you can see in her beautiful pieces.

When Karyn speaks of her passion for sewing and creating, I can completely relate to that. I feel the same way when I am making my own creations. I see her love in her work. The blends of colors and fabrics. The risks that she takes with colors dares you to challenge your senses. She makes clothing that children will love wearing and have a blast in. I can just imagine kids running around in open fields, wind in their hair, sun shining on their faces wearing these clothes. These designs and patterns are so amazingly fun.

I asked Karyn what gets her through hard times and being a truly creative mind, she said, "creating". I had to laugh. I get that. When things get rough for me, I want to make something new. I can imagine her, like me, being stressed to the nines and sitting at a table with a pile of fabric matching up pieces to see what will go together. Life can be challenging, sometimes, we have to see how much we can challenge ourselves. My challenge for you, is. Go to Pink Mouse Kids and pick out your favorite item, tell me in the Comments which item it is and why you love it so much. You could be this weeks Winner.

Karyn would like to see Pink Mouse Kids grow and possibly work on another kids fashion line with her daughter over the next few years. I see great things for this kids clothing line. She has incredible models, a great look, super photography and has really worked hard to get herself "out there". I can definitely see her hard work paying off.

You can connect with Karyn and Pink Mouse Kids via PinkMouseKids.comFacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram or contact Karyn through email PinkMouseKids@gmail.com

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