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Let me start by saying, I know that your items are beautiful. I know that your family and friends love them. I know that they do well at craft shows and local events in your area. That does not mean that you can plug them into an Etsy Shop using the template and they will sell like hotcakes. The buyers on Etsy are a very particular bunch, and worldwide. So, when posting your items, you must be very meticulous in making sure that you do it correctly to maximize your exposure. I am going to do my very best in this post to save you as much time and effort as possible. You will have to put in time and effort, but, the research has already been done for you. You won't have to do what I did and read each and every article on the internet to determine which has the best and most useful content or advice. I have broken down for you the locations of the items you actually need to get your items up and noticed, not only by those shopping on Etsy, but also by Google. Which should really be your ultimate goal.

First and foremost, BEFORE you touch anything or name your shop, give it a title or description, go to Moz Academy. Scroll down to the SEO videos and watch EVERY one of them from the beginning. Once you have done this, you will be ready to create content for your title, shop description and about page. This will prepare you for what is to come when creating your item descriptions. I suggest that you now create a Gmail account specifically using the name that you will use for your shop, you will need this later. Use it as the email address when you open your shop.

When you first create your shop account, you will need to create an awesome about page, tell your story. Let those that visit your page know what it is that makes you passionate about your craft and your process. Tell them about your journey that has led you to where you are as an artist. Make sure and add an image of yourself in this section. Let them actually see your face so that they can relate to you personally when they read your story. Include in this section images of your work space. Readers like to see where it is that you create. Make sure that the space isn't unusually messy. A little clutter is alright, if it has to be that way for you to work, but not trashy looking. They want to see that the items they are purchasing are kept and created with care.

When you create your shop you will need to add a professional looking banner. There are many choices for purchasing one on the internet or obtaining free ones. My personal suggestion is that you use Canva and create one that is unique to you. I would create an image that you can somewhat replicate. I personally use the a similar image on all of my social media networks. My FacebookTwitterGoogle+Shop and Blog all have very similar designs. This makes it so that when someone sees them, they recognize them as being a part of the Trampleedesigns Brand. This is what you will want to do for yourself. Once you start playing around in Canva, you will see that it is incredibly easy to use. You will use a custom design setting for you Shop Banner at 760px x 100px. Throughout this post I am placing different items that I have created in Canva to give you an example of what you can create.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see new shops, well, a lot of not so new shops as well, making is photo quality. I am going to make this as painless as possible for you. Follow this Link for a DIY light box. For a couple of dollars you can make one at home and it works perfectly. YES, you need one. It will make your life so much easier in the long run. Save yourself the time and energy and just make one. It is incredibly difficult to always find the "right" natural light. You cannot always schedule the weather around the days that you need to take photos. You do not have to buy expensive LED bulbs, I use flood bulbs from the hardware store in regular household lamps. I spend about ten dollars a year on them. They work perfectly. When I am finished, I do a slight brightness, contrast adjustment in Windows Photo Gallery. I am sure that there are Professional Photographers that could critique my photos. But, for the purpose I am using them, it works perfectly. Make sure that you have five good shots of each item. You want to make sure and give the consumer a variety of different angles to view your item from. They cannot touch your item, so your description and your photo is all that you have to offer them, make sure you really sell it with your photo. Make sure that you name your photo when you save it. This is how Google will find your photograph. The same way that you use keywords to identify your items inside of Etsy, use keywords to name your photographs when you save them and upload them in your listings. This will help Google to identify them and place them in the proper search query.

Now that you have your pictures taken and they are gorgeous and you have watched all of your SEO videos. You are ready to enter your items into your shop. One of the biggest mistakes that new shop owners make is that they only list a few items and then expect people to buy them. Seasoned Etsy Shop Owners will always tell you that 100 items is the magic number. A lot of them do not even begin to see sales until they have 100 items in their shop. I know that being a creative mind, all we want to do is just make beautiful things, unfortunately, you have to get them listed just right to be able to do that. 

Most Etsy Team Leaders and Shop Owners will suggest that you list one item per day to bring the maximum views to your shop. This is very difficult to do when you are first starting out. I would suggest a few a day, but not all at the same time. I personally have noticed that peak hours in the US are early in the morning and at dinner time. Friday and Saturday evenings seem to bring a lot of traffic. If I am to venture a guess, most people are off work and those that do Etsy part time are at home during those hours. I would never list many items all at once, you are hurting yourself by doing this. Spread them out, gradually list them and check every few items to make sure they are showing up in Etsy search where you would like them to. Play with each listing until it is exactly as you would like it. Take your time with these. It is important that you really get the hang of how a listing should be done correctly.

Using the provided item template list your items one at a time at first. This is my suggestion for an item listing. 
1. A good detailed description of your listing, making sure to use your SEO techniques here - including size
fabric - any special qualities or techniques used
2. A list of any special policies that your shop has that the buyer needs to be aware of
3. A brief description of how the buyer can fave for later viewing or buy your item if they choose - I include a help guide link in my listings
4. A list of 2 or 3 other items from your shop that the person might also enjoy viewing
5. A link back to your shop so that no matter where on the internet your item ends up, it will always have a link back

There is a wonderful site called Craftcount. On this site you can search for particular sellers in your genre. I like to look at the Top Sellers that make items similar to mine and see what it is that they are doing in their listings, keywords, photos, etc... This gives me ideas and pointers of things I can improve upon. I suggest that you do the same periodically. 

Let's talk keywords. The Moz Academy videos gave you some ideas about Keywords and how they work for Google. Lets discuss how they work for Etsy. When I first used keywords in my shop, I listed things like, purse, clutch, bag. I had no idea that I was getting lost in a sea of 200,000 other purses, clutches and bags. After much research, I realized that if I lengthened my keywords and used up as many characters as possible, I could actually make my bags appear in every search that I used a keyword for. When I use, blue flower purse, I come up on the first page of a blue flower purse search. It is very important to use each and every keyword and use them strategically. Look at your item as if you were a consumer wanting to find your item. If you wanted a bright pink clutch, that is what you would type in. So, that is the keyword that you would use. At first, it will take some practice to get used to using the larger, multi word keywords, but you will get the hang of it. After you have done this, go to the sections that your items will come up in and search for your items and look at how quickly they will appear. You will be amazed.

Shop listings loaded correctly, pictures taken, it is time to get yourself some exposure. You will want to set up FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+StumbleUpon, and Instagram accounts all in the name of your shop. Once you have done this, link the Twitter and Facebook to your shop. 

I personally use a program called Yes, there is a small charge for it per month. The traffic that it drives in and the time that it saves me, is well worth what I pay. I have looked at ALL of the programs available, the free ones and the pay ones. This is the easiest and the most efficient out there. It will post to Facebook, both your page and the groups you have selected, Post both product tweets and quotes if you like all day if you choose on Twitter, and pin your products to the boards you choose on Pinterest all day with the simple click of a button. It is very simple to set up and takes no time at all to set up your whole week of Social Media Marketing. 

I would definitely suggest joining a Team or two on Etsy and becoming active in there. When you participate in a team and their games, the other members share your items on their feed and you share theirs. This can tremendously help with your exposure. Your interaction in teams will completely depend on how much time you have or want to devote to it. Some teams encourage you to buy things in order to get people to buy from you. I don't personally encourage this. I do however encourage the making of treasuries. The creation of treasuries by those that have the talent to do so is a wonderful way to gain exposure for your shop and your talent. If you have the time and the inclination, you can really draw attention to your artistic ability and yourself for that matter by highlighting someone else's items in a wonderfully curated Treasury.

You will soon settle into a routine and find people that will interact with you regularly. You will learn which people will help promote you and which ones to follow. It is as important to share as much as it is to be shared. Say thank you and be gracious. People notice that and remember it. It always comes back to you. I am not saying and would never say that it will be easy, but, it does not have to take up all of your free time. You have to put yourself on a schedule. Make time for creating, time for your family and social life and time for promotion. Stick to it. It is very easy to get online and get absorbed in promoting. Before you know it, you have been online for six hours. Don't allow it to become an obsession or your family and friends will quickly notice. Trust me on this. 

If you follow these steps, you will be up and selling in no time.. If you are a shop owner and you have found some great tools that work for you, please feel free to share them in comments, I would love to check them out and work them into a later post. I love finding new and exciting ways to promote and build business. Good Luck on your new adventure.. Please Feel Free to contact me with any questions... 

If you find the time, stop by and check out my New Bag Designs @ Trampleedesigns.

I do an ALL THINGS ETSY Series featuring Etsy Show Owners that contribute to my ALLTHINGSETSY Board on Pinterest. If you would like to contribute or follow this Board, just follow the link. Who knows, it might be your shop that is featured next week.

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