Wrap Your Favorite Painting Around You While You Sleep... Dream on a Pillow of Roses...

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I would like for you to meet Julia from EbiEmporium. I am completely blown away by this shop. Each and every page brings you more and more excitement. Her unique designs are right up my alley. They explode onto the page and keep you looking for more. The best part, the medium, you can get them in so many different forms. If you want a painting, a print, a blanket, a shower curtain, a throw, a pillow, a cell phone case or even a pair of leggings, she has them all. You have got to see these beautiful designs.

Julia cannot remember a time that art wasn't a part of her life. She recalls entering every coloring contest and art competition she could possibly find. She would also take whatever private or community art classes were available. This afforded her the opportunity to learn to draw, paint and sculpt, all at a young age. 

To further her art education Julia attended a specialty "School for the Arts" High School. She very much believes that Art is at the core of who she is and it only made sense that she would end up making a business out of it. When seeing her work displayed, I completely agree that she should be sharing it with the world. Her cheerful and bright display of color is enough to make anyone joyful. Being one that loves the bright and bold, I am definitely a fan. 

I love the enthusiasm that Julia has for her Art and for EbiEmporium. I am constantly running into her online. She promotes as much as I do, and that is saying something. When she talks about her job, you can hear her passion, and how much she loves what she does. She emphasizes that she stays very busy, but finds joy in it as well. And, also like me, loves that she can go to work without having to put on make-up. Now that, is a girl after my own heart. Some days, I am sewing in pajamas. 

As a part of this series, I ask each of the participants to tell me what it is they do in times of struggle. Each of us, as creative minds, have times when, things are slow, we lack enthusiasm, sales are down, whatever. Julia obviously have a very creative mind. Her reply was to explain that when business gets a little slow, or sales are down, she tries to think of a way to maybe bring in more income. My initial thoughts were, something else she could possible print her work on. How genius is that? Some of the things she has come up with to put her beautiful artwork on, I would never have thought of.

We all have to make sure and balance our time. Like the rest of us, Julia makes a point of noting that she has to make a point of taking time away from EbiEmporium to do that. To give attention to friends, family and pets and make them an important part of her life as well. Without that, none of this would matter. 

As a 5 year goal, Julia would like to see EbiEmporium grow to the point where she can have an employee do the day to day business so that she can spend more time creating. That is a wonderful goal and one I would love to achieve myself. She also mentions that she would like to have things set to run electronically, if she figures that one out, I am coming over to see how she gets that done. 

Please stop by and check out Julia's  Amazing Artwork over at EbiEmporium. You can also find her on her own website at http://www.ebiemporium.com/, or on FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblr, or Instagram. Keep an eye on this one.. She is going places..

This week, the new cross body bag design with matching zipper pouch will be released at Trampleedesigns. Taking all the photos today. Please keep your eyes peeled. Stop by, check out what is new in the shop.

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