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When I looked at my shop yesterday, I decided that it was time to break down and find a banner. I decided to search the web. I Googled for Free Etsy Banners. Of course, the list was endless. I am very persistent and the only idiot on the internet that goes through ALL the pages. I searched them all. Looked at all the pages. I went through every single web page and what they offered. Picked out quite a few. I saw a lot of the same thing. I found a few "make your own" generic banner makers with so so graphics offered. I ended up with about 50 saved banner options in a folder on my desktop. I figured that I would go back to them when I was finished and look them all over, make a final decision. Then, the heavens opened up. I found CANVA . 

CANVA is a website that I didn't find mentioned in any of the blogs I had visited. Let me mention that I had spent 8 hours already looking. Even the top Etsy blog, no one was recommending this site. CANVA is FREE and allows you to specify your size. Your Etsy Shop Banner will be 760px x 100px and provides for you the most up to day graphics you could possibly want. They have lines and squiggles and swirls and flowers and birds. Under the icons tab you can find any possible current cute graphic imaginable. If you search around inside their tabs, you will find every single thing you would possibly need to make the perfect banner for your shop. Here is what I came up with for mine.

CANVA also have templates available for you to make Facebook covers, ads and posts. I decided to make a cover that goes along with the theme of my shop banner. That way, if someone came across my Facebook and then saw my shop, or vice versa, they would recognize my logo and know that they had seen it before. ie.. Branding.. Here is what I came up with.

CANVA provides numerous other templates as well. I used the one for Twitter and for Google+ to create covers for in there as well. 

I also created a Banner for the Blog. That was a little tricky. I had to figure out the exact size I needed to fit into the particular space. It was not a standard blog space. So, I ended up doing it a couple of times to make it fit properly. But, if you have a standard blog space, they have a template for that as well.

Now, the really cool stuff. As if that isn't cool enough all on it's own. CANVA has over a million graphics for you to choose from for free. You can do things like this 

Just as a way to engage your fans and followers throughout the day on your Social Media sites. Or, you know those great quotes you see all the time on those beautiful pictures?

If you need to Advertise a Sale or Promote something, all the tools you need are right there in one place. This program is amazing. And free. I am telling you, it will be your new favorite toy. I am currently obsessed. I could not sleep last night because of all the things running through my mind that I wanted to make.

I hope you have as much fun with CANVA as I am. Send me pics on my Facebook of all the wonderful things you make. Please leave me a comment on here and tell me if you love it and share this with your friends.. 

Thanks, have a great day..