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Spreading Love

I am not generally an earlier riser. Those of you that are a part of the AAA Support Team with me know this. My daily comments roll in around noon or later. I have problems sleeping at night. For many years now, I just seem to get more done when everyone else is settled in and it is quiet. I can relax, the phone doesn't ring, and I seem to be productive at 2 to 3 am. 

Today, at 1pm, when I woke up. I had an amazing surprise. I had already been featured in 4 treasuries. My shop had tons of hits on it and it was all abuzz. I just love my teammates. They are the best. Etsy is all a flutter with RAK today. Random Acts Of Kindness everywhere. Shop Owners are visiting and treasuring each other just for the sake of doing so. Helping promote one another just because they can. 

I love it when I see people spending more time promoting each other and not so focused on that "one sale". I tend to take the time to promote someone else if I realize my sales are down. I challenge you to do the same. Surprisingly, it works. When others see you promoting fellow Etsians and shop mates, the want to support you and help promote your shop and your endeavor. Don't spend so much time obsessed over your promotion. Spend some time giving to someone else today.

For ALL of you, whether you are an Etsian, an Artist, a Mom, A Dad, A Neighbor, a Friend, TODAY, WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP?  I want you to give some thought to what one thing you could do to help someone out in your life. If you spent that minute helping them make their life easier instead of worrying about what would better yours, how would it impact them? and you?

Leave me a comment and tell me how it goes...

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day...