Because I would much rather have a Portrait of Coco over the mantle than Grandma... How about you?

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I would like for you to meet Karen from the Shop Karen Sperling. She creates beautiful hand paintings of just about anything you could imagine. She does incredible Facial and Pet Portrait work. She can create for you a beautiful portrait that will provide for you a lifelong reminder of that moment in time. Her Landscape and Floral Paintings are also absolutely breathtaking. 

Karen comes from an art background, I guess if you wanted to, you could say it is "in here blood". Her mother was an artist and exposed her at a young age. Growing up in a New York suburb gave her the perfect opportunity for exposure. She was afforded the chance to visit the City's Museums and Galleries, and develop an appreciation for art and artistic ability that most of us only dream of. I can only imagine what living in that environment as a child would have been like. This lead her to pursue Art as part of her education. Later, Karen lived in London and was able to appreciate and experience much of the Art in the Galleries and Museums from many locations in Europe. Karen has had Gallery showings of her Abstract Work in New York and in Miami during Art Basel

When discussing with Karen her artwork, she explains "I see art s a visual conversation between the artist and the viewer. As an artist I can express my thoughts and feelings about the subject and s the viewer you can see the work based on your thoughts and feelings. You may either get exactly what I was trying to say, or you my read something into the work that I didn't even realize or intend to put there. I think that's the fascinating part about art, that it evokes strong feelings and reactions that touch that artist and the viewer, regardless of whether it is in the same way".

I picked this particular picture of Karen's Pet Portrait to show you because it looks just like my baby Coco. It is an absolutely gorgeous rendering. I cannot even begin to imagine the work that goes into such a piece. Then again, I do not have this kind of talent. Karen however, really does, she also likes all kinds of art from Renaissance Art and Impressionism through Abstract and Pop Art. In looking through her Shop Karen Sperling you can truly see the different influences in her pieces. 

As a part of this series, I specifically ask each participant to tell me what it is they do in times of struggle. I particularly liked the answer that Karen gave. "Oysters make pearls as a reaction to an irritant. That's kind of how an artist makes art. The struggle is the irritant, whether the struggle is financial, personal, intellectual or emotional. The answer to what has kept me going in times of struggle is, it's all a struggle and I think a struggle is good for art."

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