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Life is Funny

You do things the way you are supposed to. You work hard, you show up, you put in the effort, you sweat, you give, you bleed and sometimes, it just doesn't work out the way it is supposed to. Sometime's no matter how much effort you put into things, they just don't work out. You hear everyone say that you just cannot give up, keep your head up, you are gonna make it. Some days, it is hard to try. It is hard to believe that what you have worked so hard for, what you believe is possible is anything more than just something you have made up in your head. A delusion. Maybe all of those people that told you your work was beautiful were blowing smoke. If they love your work so much, why aren't any of them buying it? You keep making more beautiful things. You have more creative ideas. The accolades and praise are there, while dinner is getting thin. The phrase starving artist has become more real than anyone could have ever imagined. It may not truly be your stomach that starves, but your soul. Soon, you may have no choice but to give up. How can you possibly spend another dime on a venture that will land you in the poor house when there is no return? You have done everything they said to do. Followed all of their advice. Those photos were retaken so many times that I am surprised the camera still works. The lighting had to be just the way they said, the background just so. They said your wording was all wrong, it was no wonder no one found your stuff. You spent months getting every word just right, making sure that each phrase was perfect. Going over and over each listing, painstakenly searching to make sure your items came up where you needed them to. Struggling get each one ideal. Yet still, Nothing. You networked, shared, liked, treasured, pinned, tweeted, stumbled, hearted, gave until you had no more to give, what were you to do? Give up? No, you give some more...

I am starting a new project...
I have just come back from a long hiatus, refreshed, renewed and with a whole new attitude. I know that there are other artists out there that are struggling. That have taken all of the advice. That just cannot keep spending money to make money. I am aware that most of the bloggers, not that I, by any means consider myself a blogger, ask shop owners to send their items to them for review in order to be featured. Well, I am doing something different. Each week, I am going to pick an artist from Etsy. Someone from the All Things Etsy board on Pinterest. Someone whom I see regularly working to promote their items. That I see has taken the time to take the advice. Read the "handbook". Do the "research". Wants their items to look professional and their shop to look like more than a bunch of stuff thrown together. That takes pride in their craft and is really making the effort. I am going to do a feature hear on that person. A background on them and their art, what got them into their artistry in the first place. Very casual, as you all know, I am a quirky, laid back kind of person. It will be very off the cuff. I am going to be personally choosing the artists according to the items that I see each week posted on the All Things Etsy board. 

Along with the feature here, I will also be promoting them and their shop on my Google+ , Facebook , TwitterInstagramLinkedIn , Stumbleupon, do I need to keep going?
As well as many of the items out of their shop being featured in my new paper on Saturdays 
The tramp.. Which, won't be one of those computer generated, get whatever junk you want off the twitter feed kind. I am actually going to be adding content all week and using it for the purpose of producing a fashion forward, functioning, informative paper. It is a new project and for now, I will only be publishing on Saturdays. 

I want to do what I can to help out other handmade artists that have put in the work. The ones that are working as hard as I have worked. That are trying hard and really putting in the effort to put out a good quality product.  I see that those people are on the Internet just as much as I am promoting their shops and the shops of fellow Etsians. I see them working with the teams and working on these amazing treasuries and I see the effort they are putting in. I feel like if I can do a small part to help promote them and get them even a small amount of exposure, why not? So, if you see this, share it for me, please. I really appreciate it..