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By now, if you made it here, you are using some form of Social Media to either promote your shop or to shop yourself. I want to share with you a few little tips and trick that I use. Let me disclose right up front, as I always do. I am an Etsy shop owner, by no means and expert. I have struggled and muddled through just like the rest of you. I am sharing what I know, not claiming it is the perfect way. If I find a better way, I will share it also. For now, this is what I do.

The sites that I use actively at this time are

First of all, before we go any further, let's talk about hashtags. TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pinterest and Instagram all use #hashtags. This means that you can use this symbol # before an item to tag it and people can search and find all the items with that tag. If you are selling a purse and you hashtag it #purse. If a consumer comes onto that site and searches for the #purse, they will get all listings with the #purse. Hashtags trend, meaning they get super popular and used a bunch at different times. The ones that are being used the most at that point and time are being seen the most. There are websites that list what hashtags are trending for each site. These can be found by searching hashtag trends on Google. They will change each day and often each hour. It is important to know who you are marketing to so that you can use the appropriate hashtags so that your core consumer will end up seeing your item. You may see someone selling a purse with the hashtag #elephant and think "why on earth did they use that, the purse doesn't have an elephant on it?". It is because the #elephant is trending and they want to get their item seen by the most number of people in their demographic.
Now to the fun stuff...

I know, I know, you cannot imagine how you could keep up with posting to so many sites. Well, there are a million and one places that will sell you a program that will do so, OR, you can use Hootsuite for free. They of course have premium packages. I personally, have found no reason to purchase one. They have this little thing called a Hootlet. You download the hootlet to you toolbar and whenever you are in the post that you want to send out you click it. It brings up the title and link of the item, you can add hashtags, messages, whatever you want up to the allowed number of characters, save it for later, send it now, or both. Now here is the great part. You can send it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn all at one time. You can also schedule the saved posts to publish later when you are sleeping or away.

Ebay users.. The absolute coolest part of Hootsuite and the Hootlet is that when you are in your item on Ebay and you click it, it does not bring up the typical "Look at the item I found on Ebay", it brings up the actual item title. This way you can get your item more views by the people wanting to see your item.

Etsy and other shop users.. This program is amazing for getting your items seen. Your views will increase like crazy. Be careful not to "spam" people. It is a very common mistake that people make. People do not like to see fifty blue million of your items at one time. Which is what makes this so wonderful. You can schedule all of your days promos in a matter of minutes.

As I post a new item, I immediately pin it to my Tramp Lee Bags board. I then go to Pinterest and repin that item to my All Things Etsy board. That is a community board that I have created that anyone who sells on Etsy can post to once I have added them. It has quite a few followers and is growing daily. Throughout the day at some point, I will visit Pinterest and repin all the pins I like plus any Etsy pins that I see to the All Things Etsy board. This has gotten quite a few other Pinners to invite me to pin to their Etsy Board. So, at some point throughout the day, if I choose, I can repin that new item to some of their community Etsy boards as well. Getting each new item seen by all the people following their boards as well.

I just started with Instagram and find it very time consuming. I haven't found a program yet that will do my posting. Having to do it on my tablet is a big problem for me. I seem to have to undo more than I do with that thing. The posting process is a little slow. But, I am there and would love to have you join me and here any advice if someone has some great posting tips for on there...

Following back... I see a lot of businesses and people following the advice of the idiots that tell you to follow people and then unfollow them to gain users on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and such. You have to remember that you are building a business here and a reputation. If you were standing face to face with this person and they were considering buying something from you, you turned around and walked away, would they make that purchase? Of course not. You will ruin your reputation FAST by doing this. When I enter a new means of Social Media, I start out just like everyone else, promotion, introduction, and being me. You remain active, retweet, like, repost and interact with people, they will follow you and when they do, always follow them back. Follow like minded shops, take advantage of the suggestions, just don't over do it. Start small, follow a few each day and you will see it grow quickly. It takes work, it is a job and you must treat it as such.

I hope these tips have helped. Each highlighted link goes directly to my personal sites. I would love for you guys to join me and become a part of my network.



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Wow, what a month.. It was exciting, but I am glad it was over. My daughter and my son both graduated. Her from college, him from high school. I came home from his graduation to find that lightening had struck the cable line rendering my modem and computers stuffs fried. It has taken me a couple of weeks to get it all back up and running, but, here I am. Glad to be back.

A little while back Mary Anne from whitelravenlstudio contacted me. She said that she loved my bag but really wanted a smaller version of it. She needed something with card slots and a little pocket for her lipstick, chapstick, lip accessory of choice. I set to work trying to create one. As I was doing so, I contacted my consultation team, my daughter, her friends, and she said it would be great if it had a small strap so that if she went out in the evening to a club she could use it hands free, and if the device that held it closed was strong enough to keep it closed. I made Mary Anne the one she wanted and got to work on my new bag. Well, here it is.. I have a few in my shop and will be putting up a new one each day until they are all listed. I hope you guys like them.. The Tramp Lee Mini Clutch...

Stop by Tramp Lee Designs 
and get yours today...