Sick.. and Sad.. at the State of our Society..

7:07 PM Tammie Rampley 0 Comments

Since this is my place to vent, occasionally, you get to hear my political opinion. Which, you might not agree with, and that is ok. That is why I live in the United States of America, because we have the right to disagree. I am disgusted that anyone can still buy a gun whenever they want to. I believe that politics aren't even politics anymore, and haven't been for some time, they are just big business. When hearing that even many Dems voted against and their reasoning was that their constituents wanted them to. I truly believe that big money wanted them too in most cases. Our government has to learn to be about the people and not the business. We as citizens are sick and tired of not being represented in government. If you asked the first hundred person you could come across whether their favorite politician voted the way they wanted them too on everything, the answer would be no. If you looked at whether our politicians vote the way the constituents want according to the polls, of course not. But, if you do enough research, you will always see that there is someone in big business directly linked to that politician that will benefit from them voting that way. Or, they are trading that vote for a vote on another issue that they want pushed through. Boy oh Boy they sure don't call it "Playing Politics" for nothing. It makes me sick. I understand that people do not want to be controlled by the government, but you sure as heck want to ask where the police were when something bad happened. Guess who the police work for? You don't want the government all up in your business, but you expect the fire department to know the very minute a fire starts at your house. Guess who they work for? When you have a wild animal or stray dog that might hurt your grandchild, you call animal control. Guess who they work for? In order for the police to be able to do their jobs, there has to be some rhyme or reason to who is allowed to legally buy a firearm. Yes, they may be able to go and get them illegally, but why make it so easy on them. A robber may be able to break into your house, but are you gonna leave the door open for him and all your good stuff on the porch? If you are a law abiding, responsible citizen, the new gun laws would not have affected you in any way other than to have to wait a couple more days. Are you doing something so important with your guns that you absolutely cannot wait a week or two? Seriously? And once you are approved and cleared, you are approved and cleared, you wouldn't have had to worry about it again. Now, that kid, the one that the neighbors have visit them, you think he might be their son, or maybe their nephew, all you know is every time you see him he looks high. When he is around, you take extra precaution to turn on the alarm and make sure the house is locked tight. You don't trust him because something about him is just "not right". Now, he gets a gun too...