Make your own Etsy Banner

5:51 PM Tammie Rampley 0 Comments

So, I have been playing around with my Etsy banner. I really wanted to use my own "bag tree" picture, but, that just wasn't working out. But, a couple of days ago, I came across an actual cartoon pic of a "bag tree". It was really cute. I said, what the heck, someone has to have directions on how to do this thing. I set on an adventure to figure out how to make my own banner. I know that there are people out there that will do them reasonably. When I say that I have to put all that I make back into supplies, I am NOT exaggerating. I have not choice but to figure it out myself. I cannot possibly be the only one out there. So, for those of you that need a little help, I am going to give you the links you need.

1. Go to and download Gimp 2.8. Be smart and download the manual while you are at it. If you aren't using this program, it is a free equivalent of Adobe Photoshop. It will do the majority of what you do with Photoshop, for free. Great alternative for those of you on a budget.

2. Go ahead and pick which photos and fonts you want to use for your banner. Don't get yourself stuck trying to figure out the Gimp program while you still have no idea what you are trying to create. Draw yourself a rough sketch or mental sketch so you have something to shoot for. Visit some other stores if you need some ideas.

3. How to make an Etsy Banner with Gimp  This will give you step by step directions on how to use the tools in gimp you will need and how to make the banner.

I just finished mine, I haven't yet figured out how to link it into my blog. If anyone knows, I would love to know