The First Tramp Lee Designs Handbag..

9:19 PM Tammie Rampley 0 Comments

I just finished posting listing on my very first handbag. I am pretty proud of my baby. I am kind of a weird person when it comes to designing new bags. The truth is, I don't carry a purse, a handbag, any of the above. I carry a wallet with me at most. But, there is a reason for that, purses get on my nerves. There is always a problem with them. The strap is too short or too long. The shoulder strap won't adjust to fit me, therefore won't stay on my shoulder. Cross body bags have never fit me because I am plus size. So, once I started this journey of making handbags and realized how much of a passion I have for it, more so than anything else I have ever done. And you can ask anyone, I am pretty dang passionate. I give anything I do my all. I really have decided to try to fix the problems that I have with handbags, and purses in general. I am hoping that one day maybe I will make one perfect for me.. Who knows... Today, I want to introduce to you my very first actual handbag. I am very proud of it because it has straps that you can adjust the size on. I have them tied in bows in the pictures, which some will find to be cute and others tacky. You can also knot them if the bow is a bit much for you. The point of them is that you can set them at whatever length you want,  as often as you want.. I know that depending on where you are and what you are doing, some days, you want to be able to hold your bag in your hand and not have it dragging to low or too far away from your hand. Other days, you need to be able to wear it on your shoulder comfortably. This handbag gives you that freedom. I really hope you guys like them...