Proper Business Etiquette

8:43 PM Tammie Rampley 0 Comments

I may not know a ton about the whole internet part of marketing and running a business online. But, running a business in general, making a business successful and thrive, especially when it is failing, is what I do best. I love to turn things around. There are a few things about this whole Social Media game that I have found to be very disturbing. I have seen and been in contact with some absolutely amazing Social Media "Experts" over the past few months. I have also encountered some people who claim to be in the Social Media Marketing Business that are giving HORRIBLE advice. Let's back up and be logical about this.

I have seen numerous places telling people and businesses to gain followers on Twitter by following people and then once they follow you back, un follow them. And, I have watched numerous fellow Etsians following this advice.
Let's break this down. This is the computer equivalent to reaching out to shake someone's hand and then pulling your hand back when they reach for it and running it through your greasy hair. There is nothing more unprofessional looking or that could make you look less trustworthy. Why would you damage your reputation with a possible customer just for the sake of followers? I would rather have 5 followers that all want to shop than 500 who are only there because they want more followers. The point of social media is to build a steady, reliable, trusting image of your business, getting your brand name out there in a positive way, and gaining exposure to those people who will potentially purchase the items you sell. No part of that has to do with having the most followers on Twitter.

Purchasing followers. This is another thing that is constantly being recommended and sold, by so called Marketing People. Most of these names are fake and they truly don't do anything for your business because they aren't buying anything from you. Twitter will flag these names for inactivity within a matter of weeks and delete them for being fake accounts. It is just a waste of money.

Spend the time necessary to get your brand name into as many places as you can. It takes time, it takes work. But, anything in life worth having does.. And, it's worth it... When you are done, the people who are following you will be people who respect you and are interested in your items.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend...