My Weekend Project...

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My dear friend Darlene had an old table sitting on her back porch that she was taking to the dump. It was old, but solid wood and just needed some painting. I didn't care about the wood table top, which could be sanded and stained to make beautiful if needed, but, I need if for a new cutting table. The legs had white paint chipping paint off of it. Although I did not really care about the aesthetics, I do not want my pup getting any paint chips, soooo, I had myself a project on my hands...
I lightly sanded of shine and removed any chipping pieces from table base and then added painters tape.
After removing the legs, I removed all paint chips with a scraper , and sanded lightly, just enough to take the shine off.
I wiped the legs off well and got them ready to paint first coat.

 I chose a French blue as my first color.

Once the paint was dry, I sanded the shine of this layer of paint and scuffed through some of it to where the chip marks were showing. and in some places, make it where you could see the white.

I did not focus on painting the legs perfectly, because I knew that I was going to just be painting over them, the next two coats were Soft Suede and Leather Brown. I picked those colors, because I had them here in the house.

Once all of the paint was dry, I sanded the legs and table to make the under paints appear in different areas. I think it came out cool looking. And the best part, I have a new table to cut my fabrics...