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I know that I have been somewhat absent for about a week. I apologize. There has been a bit of chaos here at the "shack".. First and foremost, while in the mist of combating a horrible asthmatic cough, only to find out I have mold in all of my air ducts.. Yippeeee.. Problem being fixed by the PROfesionals... We shall see.. I went in to see my physician. He was not available to see me for the cough and I was sent to his Nurse Practitioner. While there, I showed her this spot that had come up in early November on my face. My doctor had checked it out mid November on a routine visit and said it was nothing to be concerned about, if it changed, get with him about it. Well, it had started to get scaly and kind of scabby. I showed it to her, she conferred that I needed to see a specialist. So, end of the week, what will be two weeks ago now, I get this referral letter from my Dr's office that reads, Appt. Skin Cancer Specialty Center, blah blah address, March 6, "for skin cancer on right cheek"... Her and I had not even discussed the possibility of it being cancer, just the fact that it was something that we might need to have looked at. In my mind, when I saw this letter, I felt for sure she must have thought that is what it was. Otherwise, why would anyone have ever sent something like this to a patient. WAIT, even if they thought it was cancer, WHY would you ever send something like that to a patient in the mail? As you can imagine, the past week and a half have not been fun. I have been on a bit of a roller coaster emotionally. Half the time I don't even know what I feel. I am making a point of not saying anything to anyone until I see the specialist. My family is, how do I say, not lacking in the drama department. I am dramatic enough, I do not need them being all dramatic on top of it. So, I finally make it to today, my appointment day. I am up at the crack of dawn, which in and of it self is nothing less than a miracle. I am nervous. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the wonderful and reassuring news that my property owner gave me about his skin cancer. I did, just last night have to tell my property owner because I needed to get the point across to him that he really needed to have my ducts cleaned out professionally. He informed me that he had a small melanoma on his chest and all that they had to do was take a quarter size chunk out and he has been fine for years. Oh my word, I have been soooooooo freaked out since he said that, a quarter size chunk, out of my face? Can you imagine what that would look like. I don't find myself to be particularly vain, but, I can imagine people would really look at you weird. He of course did not know when he said it that it was on my cheek. The time finally came, they called my name for me to go back in the office. My skin was crawling, I was so nervous. I don't sit in the back office for barely any time. He walks in, looks at it, says that is a blah blah blah waxy, I will freeze it and it will be gone in a few days.. Freeze freeze zap, "you made my job easy today young lady" boop, I was done. I was so mad at myself for being so nervous and allowing the fact that the whomever at my dr's office that wrote the letter to get me so upset about something that wasn't even reality. It goes to show how much stress we put on ourselves...lol.. I hope you guys are having a great week..