Social Media for Business

6:37 PM Tammie Rampley 1 Comments

So, let's talk Social Media. My background is in Marketing to some degree. But, I have absolutely no idea how to use the internet to my advantage. Without any money to spend, I have to do what I can for as little as possible. A while back, I came across +Kim Garst  from She was actually named Forbes top 50 Social Media Influencers. So, of course, I have been watching what she is doing. I went to her Facebook page where she offers the free book "30 Fun & Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Likes" as well as many other items.

The document was amazing and informative and extremely easy to follow. A couple of days later, I received an email informing me that I was invited to listen in on an award ceremony that  +Mara Glazer  from was having called the  . Kim was one of the women being honored and everyone invited would be given the opportunity to listen to each of their interviews. We can hear what each of them not only use as their tools for success, but what strategies and practices they have put into place in their particular fields of expertise. What lessons they have learned. What NOT to do. How to make life easier for those of us struggling and out here muddling through quicksand some days, or so it seems. The interview was very inspiring and encouraging. The listeners were also given access to a new book that Kim has written and not yet released on how to promote and utilize Pinterest for promotional purposes.

This is one program that I feel like has really given me a ton of knowledge and is going to help me stop having to redo stuff over and over again and feel like I am getting nowhere. Check out these ladies and what they are doing. There is a ton of free information on their pages that will help get you going.


Hank Summers said...

Great post for social media for business and I love the idea of following someone who inspires you. Sounds like you are doing well.