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As promised, I am here to share the making of my first Heart Pillow. This is the finished product. Now, be gentle with me, I am knew to blogging and this is my first time explaining how I do something. If I skip anything, you can feel free to ask me, I only bite when people like it. 

Fabric for pillow - depends on how large you want to make it
Fabric for appliques - once again depends on how large the pillow will be
Sewing Machine
Fiberfill or Fabric Scraps
Fusible Light to Medium Weight Interfacing - depending on what material you use for pillow, I used a jersey and needed to use interfacing to make it easier to sew to for my appliques.
Many of us have pieces of fabric scraps laying around, I know I have thousands. I have used old sheets, pieces of dresses I was fond of and didn't wear or fit into anymore, thrift store finds. Fabric is Fabric, when making a pillow, it really does not matter. If you are on a budget, you can make a pillow for next to nothing.
The size of the material you need completely depends on what size heart, or whatever shape you decide to make you would like. As long as you can cut out two pieces in the same exact shape, you can make a pillow out of it. The way that I got my heart pattern was to take a thin cardboard envelope and cut it out like we did when we were kids into a heart shape. It came out perfect. I am sure that if you search you can find a large version of any shape you would like, or one that you can re size for free.
Depending on the material that you have chosen to use for the pillows base, you may need to iron on some fusible interfacing to the back of your fabric. It will never hurt to do this, It stiffens the material just slightly and makes a better surface for you to sew to when attaching your appliques that you are about to make. Once interfacing is attached, and trimmed down to the size of your fabric, set these two pieces aside.
 *Money Saving Tip. Whenever you have a few extra minutes in Walmart or the Craft Stores that you frequent, check out the clearance rack. I don't even start shopping for crafts or non sale items until I have first visited the markdown aisle of a craft store. Learn where they keep the Clearance in your favorite craft store and frequent it. Do not pay full price when you do not have to. Sometimes the same exact item you are purchasing is marked to half price because last year they used a different box and this year they decided to change it and make it more flashy. 
 When ironing interfacing, iron the plastic feeling side down towards your fabric. do not worry if it stick to your ironing board, it will come right up when you are done. Just make sure that you go over it really well and get it to stick to your item.

I know that valentines is now wrapping up and most of you won't be making heart pillows. I know it seems strange that I am posting this now, so let me explain. I believe that you can use this logic for any pillow and I think it would be a really simple and cute way to maybe make a pillow for a child with their initials on it or cute little felt animal faces. You can play with it and make it your own. Just make sure you send me pics to post when you do.

I chose red and white felt . Cut you little hearts of different shapes and sizes, some that will fit on top of each other and some that will not. Same goes if you use other shapes. Sew together the ones that you have chosen to put together using a zigzag stitch.

*Money Saving Tip - Do not every buy those little paper size sheets of felt for crafts. Go to an actual fabric store, if you have one near you. Before you leave your home, print out whatever coupon said store has that week. All of the big ones have a coupon running 24/7 for either 40 or 50 % off one non sale item. This is also a fantastic way to buy expensive items that you need, machines, lights. Find the colors you want of felt there and pay much less. I got 2 complete yards of red felt last week for $2.00 at Hancock Fabrics. I will use that now for Valentines and again at Christmas and who knows between now and then.

This is what you will end up with. I did white thread on my red on white and red thread on my white on red.

Next, pin all of your appliques into place onto one piece of the materials front.
Once you are happy with the placement, you will sew these appliques into place just as you sewed the smaller hearts onto the bigger hearts.

Once all of the appliques are sewn onto the front piece, you take the front of the pillow and pin it to the good side of the other piece of fabric. Sewing those two pieces together, leaving a three inch opening on the very outside of the heart, do not leave this opening at the bottom point or top crease of heart, it will make it pucker when you hand stitch it.

Make sure all pins are removed. Place a small slit in the crease of the heart. Be very careful not to cut through the thread.

Turn your pillow inside out and smooth outer seams. Use fiberfill to fill pillow to each corner. (You can also cut Fabric Scraps small and use them as filler) Stuff pillow to the consistency that you are happy with. Work fiberfill around inside of pillow to make it smooth. 

Once you are happy with the pillow stuffing, hand stitch the hole together and you have your own handmade pillow. 


I hope you enjoyed the demonstration.