I Cross My Body, You Cross Yours

12:27 AM Tammie Rampley 0 Comments

I have been fiddling around with the idea for months now of making an adjustable crossbody bag. One that will fit all sizes, so that each bag could be worn by anyone and not be sized specifically. I have been working with different options, seeing what will and will not work. Trying to decide what is functional, practical and what isn't. First, I thought buttons, well, that is ok, but my bags are rather large and generally carried by younger women, and mayyyyyyy tend to get overstuffed on occasion. I kind of feel as though buttons would not hold up. So, then thought about snaps, maybe snaps would work. But, as I have worked with snaps on many different fabrics in the past year, I have learned that snaps, over time, tend to rip the fabric as you use them repeatedly. Which is why I chose very early on not to use them on my clutches and use magnetic snaps instead. Then, my daughter and I were out somewhere and saw this woman carrying a bag that had the straps tied in a knot, which was a really cool look, and I thought would go well with my bags. Well, some of them.. Then you enter into the issue of whether or not the person has the knot tied tight enough. If they have a lot in the bag and the knot is not tight, it will fall off or slide down on them. I know, I know, I am probably thinking WAY too much about this. But, ask anyone, I don't do anything half way. I might be working on 15 things, but I will make sure that each and every one of them get the attention they need to be completed and completed well. So, I was in my most favorite place to shop in the world, the fabric store on Saturday and I saw my most favorite thing to see while shopping, a clearance basket. In it, were a bunch of large buckles. They had obviously been for sale in the store long enough that the glue holding the blister pack on to the paper was no longer holding and they had to be taped on. So, these normally 7+ dollar buckles were $.11. So, the universe or the fabric store Gods have spoken and I will be attempting to make them with large buckles. If it works, I will very soon have my crossbody bags in a one size fits all. Those of you that are familiar with my shop know that I specialize in plus size crossbody bags. These hobo style crossbody bags are normal hard to find for a woman of size. I feel as though a woman should not be punished and not allowed to be fashionable just because she is big and beautiful.

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