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Just wanted to stop in and say happy Valentines Day. I hope everyone is getting lots and lots of sweet from their sweetie.. I hope that all of the gifts your are giving out today are handmade. I know that there are a million wonderful ideas of things you could have made for free or with things you have around the house posted on blogs. 

This is your challenge to prepare for next year. 

*Money Saving Tip - The further you get away from Valentines Day, the less you will think about it..
DO NOT do this. When you are in your local craft store and see that the Valentines items have been marked down to 80 and 90 % off, grab them up. You can get great items for scrapbooks, stickers, paper, anything you can imagine, for next to nothing. Grab that stuff up. Unless of course you live near me, then, leave it alone, I am coming to get it.. Give yourself a Valentines Day Basket in your craft area and put it all together. When it comes time to make things, while everyone else is paying a ton for stuff, you won't even need to leave the house.

I hope that you all have a Fantastic Day.