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So, last night I started my first Giveaway using Rafflecopter. I have been just doing my giveaways on Facebook since I opened. When I tried to get some help advertising my contests, I realized very quickly that I was breaking the Facebook official policies on Giveaways and Contests. This is a copy of the official policy, and here is an explanation that you can actually understand I think that I was breaking every rule possible. Twice. I find rafflecopter to be a really interesting and easy program to use. It makes it simple and easy to follow the guidelines that Facebook has laid out while making it easier to advertise your Giveaway. I set up the Giveaway and then was up until almost five getting it promoted around the web. Well trying to. I signed up for every site that "says" it will "advertise your contest for free". I will let you know what my results end up being. My exposure so far has not been so great. I think I am just going to have to keep tweeting it and hope for the best. I noticed when I got up that Etsy is down. Grrrrr... It does me absolutely no good to promote a shop that is lost in cyberspace. I will march forward, head held high, sword in hand (no idea why I have a sword, must need one today), ready for anything. I hope you lovelies have a fantastic afternoon..