Getting the Job done right with SEO

12:46 AM Tammie Rampley 0 Comments

I am running a little bit late. But, as promised, we are going to talk about SEO's. For anyone out there that does not know what that means, and that does not in any way make you dumb, I didn't know what the hell it meant either when I first opened my shop, and I have a background in Marketing. I had just always dealt in print or something that was done face to face, never the internet, which is a whole different animal. An animal that is actually quite simple to manage, once you learn the rules. If your shop is completely up and running, you will want to scream in about five minutes. Hopefully, you are just starting out and only have a few listings, or none. I suggest that everyone read this document prior to listing even their first item. Etsy_Sellers_Guide_to_SEO_Version_1.0_.pdf
This is a 25 page document with everything you need to know about every aspect of how to list your items to get them seen. You do not need to pay for  ads, they are a waste of money. They will get you to the top of the page that you can get all of your items on for free if you will follow this guide and list your items properly. This will get your items to come up in search engines when people look for your particular type of item. Don't look past the opinion of other successful shops. Take a look at the blogs of the other Etsy members who have been successful in the Etsy Seller Handbook. There are great tips on everything that you could possibly imagine. Browse through and you will get tons of great ideas.

If you shop is already set up and not Optimized properly, get to work on that right away. I suggest taking the document item by item. It starts with your headers, do them first. Once they are all done, then go onto your body. If you try to do each listing at once and take in all of the SEO information, it will overwhelm you. Just changing your Titles/Headings if they have been done incorrectly will immediately give you an increase in views and have your stuff showing up right where you want it to.

I know that Etsy emphasizes a lot on keywords and using the right ones to get your stuff to be seen inside of Etsy, from what I have seen, my title is really what has gotten me noticed. Following the guide and doing what it says has really made the difference on my shop exposure.

Good luck to you... Let me know how it goes..