Duchamp's Lover

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Ok .. Ms. longwinded has a story to share... I have been feeling not so well, but, something came across my lap and I really need your help with this. It has been laid on my heart and those who know me personally know, I cannot stand injustice and will do what I can to help when I can. A little over a month ago, I had a sweet young woman contact me via my shop about her shop on Etsy. She was very polite and kind and asked if I could help her by looking at her shop and tell her what she was doing wrong, why she wasn't getting visitors. Well, we all know, if we had a magic wand for that answer, we would all be rich. The truth is, there are about 80 answers to that. It is a lot of steps and none of them are short. They all take time and detail. Here comes the problem. The young woman is in China and her first language is chinese. Although she seems to be able to communicate very well, I can tell that occasionally the language becomes a barrier. She is an amazing young woman that is incredibly talented at what she does and has really made a huge effort to improve her shop and is still doing so every day, while making more product at the same time. She unfortunately got that first customer this week that didn't go to the post office to pick up the item when the notice was left at their house in the US and the lady left her bad feedback and was extremely rude to her. It just crushed her spirit. I tried to cheer her up and let her know that sometimes, in the US, folks are just Aholes and you have to overlook them. Something that I did not know before meeting her is that the Chinese government has banned the use of Facebook and Twitter. The only way that anyone can use it is to buy a bootleg, illegal copy, punishable by some not so nice stuff. I personally wouldn't want to be in trouble with the law in China. So, her forms of exposing her shop are very limited. Also, I cannot imagine the whole "Mom and Dad, I am an artist" goes over well in China, crap it doesn't even go over well here and we are supposed to be free thinkers. Anyways, this is where my wonderful fellow Etsians that love to support each other come in... I am asking you to please if you have the time, stop by and fave her shop, pin her items, fave her items, whatever you feel compelled to do. She could really use your support. It just really makes me grateful for living and being born in a country where I have the freedom to do and say what I please as I please and tell those who don't like it to stick it where they please... I cannot grasp what it would have been like to live your entire life under such oppression. Sad, that in 2013, it still exists...