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So, I have been toying with the idea of blogging for a few months now. My shop is getting to where I want it, I am happy with the way it looks. And, I have been having quite a few people on Etsy contacting me and asking me for advice on what to do with their shop, how to set up for photo’s and such. So, no better time than the present. You have to start somewhere. I think my biggest fear isn’t that someone won’t read it, but that someone I have a somewhat, some would say, very, smart ass personality at times, and not everyone gets it. But, I look at it this way, it is MY blog, right? I can say what I want, right? I figure that I might as well say what I want to and if people want to read it they can, if they don’t like what I say, they don’t have to. I will be compiling the information that I have been sharing with the people contacting me in the next few days and sharing it on here. That way, the next time someone asks, I can send them here instead of retyping it alllllll over again… 
So, Since I kind of just started rambling, I should probably introduce myself. I am Tammie, aka TrampLee. This will kind of be how you get the inside scoop on things, like the name. It actually IS my name. When I divorced, I kept my ex’s last name so that my daughter would grow up with the same last name as me. So, for 23 years I have had the last name Rampley. For many years, I signed my name T. Rampley for professional reasons. When you sign many documents in a day, you get reallllly sick of spelling it all of the way out. Well, at some point in high school, (she is now about to graduate college) my daughter let me know that every time I signed my name that way, I was signing it Trampley, and the only reason she knew was because she realized that when she did they same, it made her Crampley. So, for years, it has been somewhat of an inside joke between us. When it came time to add a name to my line, my daughter suggested that I name it, Tramp Lee. Hence, the awesome name. 
I make Original Handmade Purses, Clutches, Hobo, Crossbody Bags and some accessories. I started out just making them for my daughter. She was in college, I was bored. After a while, she had way too many purses and started hinting to the fact that she was going to start giving them to her friends if I kept giving them to her. I made a few for friends with a very positive response. I heard quite a few times that their friends really liked them. At this point, I was only making Crossbody bags. I had a young lady mention to me that being a woman of size, she had difficulty finding a crossbody bag that would fit her. Being a plus size woman myself, I had to see what she was talking about. I checked out my bags and then everyone else’s. She was right, when you put on an average size bag and you are either a size 16+ or you are over 5’ 8” the opening of the bag rides right under your breast. You cannot even find one to ride on your hip like you want it to. So, I set out to develop a plus size crossbody bag. One that a woman of size, or a taller woman could wear comfortably on her hip without attention being painfully brought to the fact that it just doesn’t fit. Why do purse makers think that larger women don’t want to wear or deserve to wear nice bags?
Then came the clutch. The very first clutch came from a pattern. I was standing in Sam’s one day with a friend waiting on someone to help us and I just so happened to be across from the book section. I looked up and saw the most adorable handmade clutch pattern on the cover of this book. Of course, said handmade clutch, was the very first one I ever created. It isn’t my favorite, but, it has served me well. While making it, I started to realize that I didn’t want to make a style of purse that other people could make. I wanted to make a purse that was my own. I wanted to do something different then everyone else. Whether simple, or strange, I wanted each and every one of my bags from there on out to be originally mine. My brain went into overdrive. Since then, I have created six different clutches, that are mine, allll mine. Did you hear my evil voice? It is very rewarding to know that you are making something that no one else is. Yes, it is somewhat harder to break into the market, because it is definitely a niche clientele you have to attract. But, I feel like it is worth it. I truly believe that it will pay off. I feel good about what I do and what I create. Oddly, the clutches that I am least happy with are the ones that everyone seems to like the most. If I see a flaw in it when I photograph it, it will be the one that everyone is favoriting on Etsy. Now, Make sure you hop on over and check out my shop…
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