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I consider myself to be a pretty light hearted person most of the time, while being incredibly serious all the same. I guess I am kind of weird, ok, so, maybe a lot weird. I have always been a bit different than anyone else I knew. It was only recently, in the past few years that I have started to attract to me like minded people. People who also want to live a good positive life and be genuinely kind to themselves and each other. I have also learned to rid myself quickly of anyone who treats me unkind or has a tendency to anchor me to a negative situation or outcome. This has freed me, my life, my soul from so much.

I have spent the past year completely and totally devoted to making my business work. Obsessed, some would say. I used to say that I was building a business, I now say that I am building an Empire. A business just seemed like something anyone could have, I feel like, I deserve an Empire. From the moment I wake up, every single second of my day is devoted to building my business. From designing, creating, marketing, advertising and development every second is full until I go to sleep. I literally lay in the bed at night designing new bags until I fall asleep. I have really not let anything derail me. My real friends support me. They encourage me. Tell me that if there is going to be someone in my life, they will be happy just being in the same room with me, even if I need to be working on something to do with my shop. They provide for me encouraging words, uplifting support and all the things I need. Then, this week happened.

If you cannot tell, I am kind of a talker. Up until my mid 30's I had always felt like what I had to say was not important. That I had no value, no worth, no importance. Well, a man entered my life that help me see all of that differently. He helped me find my voice. He helped me learn to speak with conviction, even when no one was listening. He taught me that I was important, if only to me, and that was enough, because that is ALL that matters. All that matters is that when I look in the mirror, I love what I see. I learned to be happy with who I am, no matter what anyone else said about me. At the beginning of this past week, he passed away.

The grief from his passing kind of set me back on my heels. I backed away from the business a bit. I have found myself roaming around Facebook in some of the rooms. Chatting with people that I normally would not have met. Playing games that I would not have played otherwise. Doing things that I would normally consider mindless and a waste of time. I guess I am trying to keep my mind busy. Grief is funny, not funny haha, but funny weird. What it does to you and the way it makes you completely evaluate your life and the way you are living it. I became a better person and I have a better life because this man came into mine. I was blessed to have met him, blessed to be in his presence and touched by his knowledge and teachings. Honored to have been able to learn from him. Now I have to figure out a way to carry on his legacy in a way that would make him proud.



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Just wanted to tell you about a BIG SALE that I have going on in my shop this weekend.. 



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By now, if you made it here, you are using some form of Social Media to either promote your shop or to shop yourself. I want to share with you a few little tips and trick that I use. Let me disclose right up front, as I always do. I am an Etsy shop owner, by no means and expert. I have struggled and muddled through just like the rest of you. I am sharing what I know, not claiming it is the perfect way. If I find a better way, I will share it also. For now, this is what I do.

The sites that I use actively at this time are

First of all, before we go any further, let's talk about hashtags. TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pinterest and Instagram all use #hashtags. This means that you can use this symbol # before an item to tag it and people can search and find all the items with that tag. If you are selling a purse and you hashtag it #purse. If a consumer comes onto that site and searches for the #purse, they will get all listings with the #purse. Hashtags trend, meaning they get super popular and used a bunch at different times. The ones that are being used the most at that point and time are being seen the most. There are websites that list what hashtags are trending for each site. These can be found by searching hashtag trends on Google. They will change each day and often each hour. It is important to know who you are marketing to so that you can use the appropriate hashtags so that your core consumer will end up seeing your item. You may see someone selling a purse with the hashtag #elephant and think "why on earth did they use that, the purse doesn't have an elephant on it?". It is because the #elephant is trending and they want to get their item seen by the most number of people in their demographic.
Now to the fun stuff...

I know, I know, you cannot imagine how you could keep up with posting to so many sites. Well, there are a million and one places that will sell you a program that will do so, OR, you can use Hootsuite for free. They of course have premium packages. I personally, have found no reason to purchase one. They have this little thing called a Hootlet. You download the hootlet to you toolbar and whenever you are in the post that you want to send out you click it. It brings up the title and link of the item, you can add hashtags, messages, whatever you want up to the allowed number of characters, save it for later, send it now, or both. Now here is the great part. You can send it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn all at one time. You can also schedule the saved posts to publish later when you are sleeping or away.

Ebay users.. The absolute coolest part of Hootsuite and the Hootlet is that when you are in your item on Ebay and you click it, it does not bring up the typical "Look at the item I found on Ebay", it brings up the actual item title. This way you can get your item more views by the people wanting to see your item.

Etsy and other shop users.. This program is amazing for getting your items seen. Your views will increase like crazy. Be careful not to "spam" people. It is a very common mistake that people make. People do not like to see fifty blue million of your items at one time. Which is what makes this so wonderful. You can schedule all of your days promos in a matter of minutes.

As I post a new item, I immediately pin it to my Tramp Lee Bags board. I then go to Pinterest and repin that item to my All Things Etsy board. That is a community board that I have created that anyone who sells on Etsy can post to once I have added them. It has quite a few followers and is growing daily. Throughout the day at some point, I will visit Pinterest and repin all the pins I like plus any Etsy pins that I see to the All Things Etsy board. This has gotten quite a few other Pinners to invite me to pin to their Etsy Board. So, at some point throughout the day, if I choose, I can repin that new item to some of their community Etsy boards as well. Getting each new item seen by all the people following their boards as well.

I just started with Instagram and find it very time consuming. I haven't found a program yet that will do my posting. Having to do it on my tablet is a big problem for me. I seem to have to undo more than I do with that thing. The posting process is a little slow. But, I am there and would love to have you join me and here any advice if someone has some great posting tips for on there...

Following back... I see a lot of businesses and people following the advice of the idiots that tell you to follow people and then unfollow them to gain users on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and such. You have to remember that you are building a business here and a reputation. If you were standing face to face with this person and they were considering buying something from you, you turned around and walked away, would they make that purchase? Of course not. You will ruin your reputation FAST by doing this. When I enter a new means of Social Media, I start out just like everyone else, promotion, introduction, and being me. You remain active, retweet, like, repost and interact with people, they will follow you and when they do, always follow them back. Follow like minded shops, take advantage of the suggestions, just don't over do it. Start small, follow a few each day and you will see it grow quickly. It takes work, it is a job and you must treat it as such.

I hope these tips have helped. Each highlighted link goes directly to my personal sites. I would love for you guys to join me and become a part of my network.



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Wow, what a month.. It was exciting, but I am glad it was over. My daughter and my son both graduated. Her from college, him from high school. I came home from his graduation to find that lightening had struck the cable line rendering my modem and computers stuffs fried. It has taken me a couple of weeks to get it all back up and running, but, here I am. Glad to be back.

A little while back Mary Anne from whitelravenlstudio contacted me. She said that she loved my bag but really wanted a smaller version of it. She needed something with card slots and a little pocket for her lipstick, chapstick, lip accessory of choice. I set to work trying to create one. As I was doing so, I contacted my consultation team, my daughter, her friends, and she said it would be great if it had a small strap so that if she went out in the evening to a club she could use it hands free, and if the device that held it closed was strong enough to keep it closed. I made Mary Anne the one she wanted and got to work on my new bag. Well, here it is.. I have a few in my shop and will be putting up a new one each day until they are all listed. I hope you guys like them.. The Tramp Lee Mini Clutch...

Stop by Tramp Lee Designs 
and get yours today...



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A few weeks ago I was contacted Shana Mattheis from She informed me that she was putting together a wedding catalog and was interesting in using some of my bags. I was like, sure, any amount of advertising is good for me. Today, I received the catalog. I had absolutely no idea that what she was putting together was going to be so incredibly beautiful. I feel so completely blessed to be a part of such a gorgeous publication. I believe that every bride could use this catalog for ideas and inspiration as well as resources. Please take the time to check out the amazing finds and how professionally she was able to put them all together.

The Handmade Wedding Catalog - Spring 2013


Make your own Etsy Banner

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So, I have been playing around with my Etsy banner. I really wanted to use my own "bag tree" picture, but, that just wasn't working out. But, a couple of days ago, I came across an actual cartoon pic of a "bag tree". It was really cute. I said, what the heck, someone has to have directions on how to do this thing. I set on an adventure to figure out how to make my own banner. I know that there are people out there that will do them reasonably. When I say that I have to put all that I make back into supplies, I am NOT exaggerating. I have not choice but to figure it out myself. I cannot possibly be the only one out there. So, for those of you that need a little help, I am going to give you the links you need.

1. Go to and download Gimp 2.8. Be smart and download the manual while you are at it. If you aren't using this program, it is a free equivalent of Adobe Photoshop. It will do the majority of what you do with Photoshop, for free. Great alternative for those of you on a budget.

2. Go ahead and pick which photos and fonts you want to use for your banner. Don't get yourself stuck trying to figure out the Gimp program while you still have no idea what you are trying to create. Draw yourself a rough sketch or mental sketch so you have something to shoot for. Visit some other stores if you need some ideas.

3. How to make an Etsy Banner with Gimp  This will give you step by step directions on how to use the tools in gimp you will need and how to make the banner.

I just finished mine, I haven't yet figured out how to link it into my blog. If anyone knows, I would love to know


U S of A

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I shared this on facebook last night. Today I decided to share it with my Blogger friends..

I just heard a young lady on the news say something that really struck a cord with me. She said that "we" her and her friends were still children during 9/11. That this is the first time that they have gone through something so traumatic. I think, that is true, the children that weren't directly impacted by having lost family members or friends have not ever been through this kind of trauma. The fear that is associated with even the threat of a terrorist attack. They are so used to living in this land of ours, this land of the free, home of the brave. Suddenly, we aren't so free anymore, not quite as brave. We live our lives so fearlessly, we enjoy freedoms each and every day that not all nations do. Most of us are not afraid to walk outside and start our cars in the morning. Most of us aren't afraid to rip open a package when it comes in the mail. We are more likely excited to see which item we purchased on the uncensored internet we are allowed by a government we have no problem complaining about publicly. Where in other countries, we could be hanged in the streets for doing so. My life is not about fear, and I refuse to live in it. But, to those out there that even on a normal day, have a hard time appreciating what you have. Remember these days.. These days, when you are happy to be alive. Be grateful for the blessings you have, the freedoms you are afforded, and the liberties that we will soon ALL have here in the United States of America. A land that will always be, no matter what is done to us, The land of the free and the home of the brave...


Sick.. and Sad.. at the State of our Society..

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Since this is my place to vent, occasionally, you get to hear my political opinion. Which, you might not agree with, and that is ok. That is why I live in the United States of America, because we have the right to disagree. I am disgusted that anyone can still buy a gun whenever they want to. I believe that politics aren't even politics anymore, and haven't been for some time, they are just big business. When hearing that even many Dems voted against and their reasoning was that their constituents wanted them to. I truly believe that big money wanted them too in most cases. Our government has to learn to be about the people and not the business. We as citizens are sick and tired of not being represented in government. If you asked the first hundred person you could come across whether their favorite politician voted the way they wanted them too on everything, the answer would be no. If you looked at whether our politicians vote the way the constituents want according to the polls, of course not. But, if you do enough research, you will always see that there is someone in big business directly linked to that politician that will benefit from them voting that way. Or, they are trading that vote for a vote on another issue that they want pushed through. Boy oh Boy they sure don't call it "Playing Politics" for nothing. It makes me sick. I understand that people do not want to be controlled by the government, but you sure as heck want to ask where the police were when something bad happened. Guess who the police work for? You don't want the government all up in your business, but you expect the fire department to know the very minute a fire starts at your house. Guess who they work for? When you have a wild animal or stray dog that might hurt your grandchild, you call animal control. Guess who they work for? In order for the police to be able to do their jobs, there has to be some rhyme or reason to who is allowed to legally buy a firearm. Yes, they may be able to go and get them illegally, but why make it so easy on them. A robber may be able to break into your house, but are you gonna leave the door open for him and all your good stuff on the porch? If you are a law abiding, responsible citizen, the new gun laws would not have affected you in any way other than to have to wait a couple more days. Are you doing something so important with your guns that you absolutely cannot wait a week or two? Seriously? And once you are approved and cleared, you are approved and cleared, you wouldn't have had to worry about it again. Now, that kid, the one that the neighbors have visit them, you think he might be their son, or maybe their nephew, all you know is every time you see him he looks high. When he is around, you take extra precaution to turn on the alarm and make sure the house is locked tight. You don't trust him because something about him is just "not right". Now, he gets a gun too...



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For the month of April, I am going to do something a little bit different. I am starting off the contest with one $50 Gift Certificate as the prize. For every 100 entries, I am going to add another $50 Gift Certificate. So, the more you enter, the more you participate, the more you spread the word, the better your chances of winning... So, tell your friends, spread the word... This contest will run until the last day of the month, so you have plenty of time to earn a ton of entries....

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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I had an idea a few weeks ago. I know that there is a ton of people who buy these same traditional bridesmaid clutches for their weddings. I thought to myself, you know, me, I am not all that traditional. Truthfully, most of my friends aren't either. I can imagine that most of them would not be the type to give out the same thing that everyone has always given out. So, I decided to design a bag and do something a little different. That is what I have been working on as of late. I just put my first set up in the shop. Lemme know what you think...



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New Handbag and Contests Ending Today...

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I have been super busy working on, YET ANOTHER new handbag... This time I added a cute little wallet with card slots to sweeten the pot... This one is slightly roomier and a bit of a different style. Let me know what you think..
Check these out in my shop

Today is the last day to enter for 

a $50 Gift Certificate on Facebook  TrampLeeDesigns on Facebook


a $100 Gift Certificate on Pinterest Tramp Lee Designs Pinterest Contest


New Pinterest Contest...

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Join me on Pinterest and Win $100 to spend in my shop...


The First Tramp Lee Designs Handbag..

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I just finished posting listing on my very first handbag. I am pretty proud of my baby. I am kind of a weird person when it comes to designing new bags. The truth is, I don't carry a purse, a handbag, any of the above. I carry a wallet with me at most. But, there is a reason for that, purses get on my nerves. There is always a problem with them. The strap is too short or too long. The shoulder strap won't adjust to fit me, therefore won't stay on my shoulder. Cross body bags have never fit me because I am plus size. So, once I started this journey of making handbags and realized how much of a passion I have for it, more so than anything else I have ever done. And you can ask anyone, I am pretty dang passionate. I give anything I do my all. I really have decided to try to fix the problems that I have with handbags, and purses in general. I am hoping that one day maybe I will make one perfect for me.. Who knows... Today, I want to introduce to you my very first actual handbag. I am very proud of it because it has straps that you can adjust the size on. I have them tied in bows in the pictures, which some will find to be cute and others tacky. You can also knot them if the bow is a bit much for you. The point of them is that you can set them at whatever length you want,  as often as you want.. I know that depending on where you are and what you are doing, some days, you want to be able to hold your bag in your hand and not have it dragging to low or too far away from your hand. Other days, you need to be able to wear it on your shoulder comfortably. This handbag gives you that freedom. I really hope you guys like them...


The Art of Being a Bitch...

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I sit here in my studio, IE.. my apartment all day and I spend way too much time online and see sooo many things. Some of the things just drive me crazy. And, since this is MY blog, I get to talk about them freely. Yippee...

If you are using Social Media as a means to promote your business and you consider yourself an expert on the subject, make sure that on your sites and listing, you are spelling the words, Social, Media, Enthusiast, Expert, and any others associated, correctly. My programs all have this little squiggly line that pops up and tells me I am spelling something wrong. These things are a gift that make it possible for us to not be geniuses and correct errors for us. Put your best, spelled correctly, foot forward...

Now, without going on a ten page rant, those who know me, know I am long winded, I just have one more topic to discuss. I know that people like to be the face of their business, but, if the only photo that you have, or can take, make you look as though you are possibly a serial killer or maybe an ax murderer, you might not want to be the face of your brand. Maybe a nice happy family shot? A flower? Something not so scary?

Sorry, I just had to...

I hope everyone is having a great day, please take this post and all post in the lighthearted manner in which they are intended... Unless of course you are a serial killer, take me seriously, quit trolling the internet..



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Head on over to Facebook to check out my new $50 gift certificate giveaway...



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$ 50 - Amanda Reed
$ 50 - Jennifer Palm
$ 25 - Ann HBez

Congratulations Ladies, you will be receiving an email later today with your gift certificate... Thank you to you all for participating.. Stay tuned, the next giveaway will be starting soon...

Join us on Facebook to be included in our next giveaway starting on Monday


New Handbag

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I haven't been around for past few days because it has been nose to the grindstone. I have had a concept in my head for a new bag and bringing it to fruition was a task. It is my first actual full size handbag. I am incredibly proud of it. I have only made the first, kink worker outer, I call it. That one that you have to put together to figure out what you need to fix about the bag. It has absolutely showed me what I need to do. I need a fusible interfacing and a little bit wider opening. But, this is my latest bag, and actual handbag. I will be starting to put them into the shop, hopefully sometime next week...

I hope everyone has a wonderful St Patty's Day.. Don't party too hard and if you do, have a designated driver. Be safe and responsible...


My Weekend Project...

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My dear friend Darlene had an old table sitting on her back porch that she was taking to the dump. It was old, but solid wood and just needed some painting. I didn't care about the wood table top, which could be sanded and stained to make beautiful if needed, but, I need if for a new cutting table. The legs had white paint chipping paint off of it. Although I did not really care about the aesthetics, I do not want my pup getting any paint chips, soooo, I had myself a project on my hands...
I lightly sanded of shine and removed any chipping pieces from table base and then added painters tape.
After removing the legs, I removed all paint chips with a scraper , and sanded lightly, just enough to take the shine off.
I wiped the legs off well and got them ready to paint first coat.

 I chose a French blue as my first color.

Once the paint was dry, I sanded the shine of this layer of paint and scuffed through some of it to where the chip marks were showing. and in some places, make it where you could see the white.

I did not focus on painting the legs perfectly, because I knew that I was going to just be painting over them, the next two coats were Soft Suede and Leather Brown. I picked those colors, because I had them here in the house.

Once all of the paint was dry, I sanded the legs and table to make the under paints appear in different areas. I think it came out cool looking. And the best part, I have a new table to cut my fabrics...